Minecraft 1.16

It’s time to download Minecraft 1.16 for Android and go on a journey through the new, Nether World!

The new version of the game is called Nether Update, which means that we are waiting for a lot of fresh content related to the Lower World update – mobs, biomes, items, blocks and more!

We understand that you want to download Minecraft 1.16 (Hellfire Update) and go quickly to explore new worlds. Download links are below, but in the meantime, we will tell you about all the innovations in detail.



New aggressive mob, very much like a wild boar. Their habitat is the Crimson Forest biome, located in the Lower World. Hoglins tend to gather in small groups of 2 to 4 creatures.

  • They have an increased attack radius and can toss the player with their blows;
  • Leave raw pork and skin behind when they die;
  • Hoglins are afraid of warped mushrooms and can multiply when using purple mushrooms;
  • In packs of wild infernal boars, there is a 25% chance of having cubs;
  • Once in the upper world turn into Zoglins.



The new inhabitants of the Crimson Forest in the Lower World and the old-timers of the Bastions part-time. They are humanoid pigs armed with swords and crossbows.

Pyglin are aggressive with the player, love to hunt Hoglins, and will dance if defeated in battle. They’re also very fond of gold, so much so that they won’t attack if you’re wearing gold armour.

  • You can trade with the Pyglins. Drop a gold bar and they’ll drop a random item in return;
  • Guard a chest of useful items in the Bastions and attack anyone who dares to look into it;
  • Once through a portal and into the normal world, turn into a zombie pighlin.

Strider (Lavomerca)

Stryder (Lavomerca)

Lavomerca or Stryder are the first friendly mod from Minecraft 1.6 Nether Update. They fully live up to their name and can move through lava unhindered. The player can breed Straders using distorted mushrooms, as well as use them as a riding animal.

To saddle a lavomer, you will need to:

  1. Put a saddle on it;
  2. Climb up;
  3. Control the direction of movement by using a twisted mushroom rod.

New hellish biomes

To get to the new biomes of the Nether World, just download Minecraft 1.16 on your Android device, build a portal to Hell and go in search of new locations. The Nether Update adds 4 such locations at once.

Basalt deltas

Biome Basalt Delta

Basalt Deltas is the first new biome of Minecraft 1.16’s Nether Update, which is home to gasts, lava cubes, and striders. The terrain strongly resembles a scorched to the ground consisting of blocks of basalt and blackstone, with ash flying in the air.

Distorted forest

Biome Warped Forest

Another new biome, which appeared in the Nether Update. Presents an area consisting of distorted blocks, with a huge variety of growing mushrooms, infernal growths and roots. This biome is inhabited only by Lavomercs and Endermen.

Crimson Forest

Biome Crimson Forest

This new biome added in Minecraft version 1.16, as you can understand from the name, is easy to spot. The entire area is colored dark red, consisting of blocks of Hellstone and Crimson Nilium. And there are huge fungi growing in the area of the Crimson Forest. Not surprisingly, this particular biome is coveted by the bloodthirsty Piglins.

Valley of Sand Showers

Biome Valley of Sand Showers

The final and one of the most difficult biomes of the renewed Hellworld is the Valley of Souls Sand. Gastes, skeletons and endermen reside here. And the terrain consists of bone remains, sand and soul soil that slows down character movement.

Bastion Ruins and Abandoned Portals

Abandoned portals

Improved world generator update Minecraft 1.16 is able to create not only new biomes, but various structures and buildings.

For example, while travelling on the surface of the game’s world, you will periodically bump into the destroyed portals. In total, we will add 13 unique variants of portals, that you will be able to restore. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a chest with valuable loot nearby.

The ruins of the Bastion

Destroyed Bastions are huge structures found in all the new biomes of the Lower World, except for the Basalt Deltas. By downloading Minecraft 1.16, you can find valuable treasures there, guarded by Piglins.

The structure of the Bastion Ruins can be of 4 types:

  • Dwellings
  • Treasury
  • Bridge
  • Hoglin Stables



Netherite is a new material for creating armor, weapons, and tools, added for the first time in 10 years! And that can only mean one thing – it’s incredibly valuable and useful. Nezerite fragments can be found in the treasuries of the Netherworld, or melted down in the furnaces of the Ancient Wreckage.

In addition, Neserite, is also the only alloy in the game that requires mixing neserite debris and gold ingots to make.

Recipe for neserite ingot crafting

Using the forge table, you can improve any diamond armor set item or tool, including the diamond sword. Combining diamonds and neserite gives you the strongest items in Minecraft 1.16 Bedrock Edition at the moment.

Blocks and other new features

Of course, upgrading Minecraft to the new 1.16 version couldn’t do without adding blocks and crafting recipes. Below we will tell you about all the innovations that you can use.

Anchor revival

Anchor of revival

Every player knows that in the lower world it is impossible to set up a bed. Before the release of Minecraft PE 1.16, after the death of a character in the Lower World, you had to appear near the portal and run to the right place again.

Revival Anchor allows you to put a respawn point in the Lower World. A new unit can be charged with lightstone up to level four, which will be lowered after each resurrection. Instantly explodes after attempting to set it up in the normal world.



An incredibly useful block, for any Minecraft PE 1.16 infinite worlds explorer, allowing you to adjust the compass arrow on it. With Magnetite, you’ll always be able to find your way to the right place, without using a coordinate system!



Target is a new block added in update 1.16 that gives a redstone signal when hit by any projectile. The strength of the signal will depend on hit accuracy – the closer to the center, the stronger.

One of the new achieves in Nether Update, associated with hitting an arrow, snowball, trident, egg, or fireball at the Target, from a distance of over 30 meters.

Soul Fire

The Fire of Souls

New type of fire that appears if you set fire to the ground or the sand of the soul. Flames deal 2x more damage. If you replace the charcoal in the recipe for the campfire with the soil of the souls, you’ll create a campfire with bright blue flames.

In addition to the above, Minecraft 1.16 Pocket Edition has added sand of souls, soil of souls, blocks with hellish outgrowth, hellish vines, and basalt blocks. Of course, you can use all new blocks to build and implement any ideas you want!

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