Minecraft Decorative Mods

Welcome to the Decorative Mods and Addons category of MCPE-GAME. Minecraft Decorative Mods are the mods that add new items, blocks and other stuff in game. Here you will find a great list of the most popular and recent Decorative Add-ons update daily by ours.

Loled Furniture - New mod for furniture and decorations


Loled Furniture is a new furniture and decoration Add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition, currently adding more than 80 new items to the game to decorate your rooms. Here you will find various household appliances such as stoves, refrigerators and even a gamer’s computer with 3 monitors, as well as furniture – chairs, chairs, tables and lamps for lighting. This decoration mod is constantly updated and the author tries to add more and more new decor items to the game!

Loled Furniture Add-on Direct Download Links

Loled Furniture v1.1

Food Deco - Addon for decorative food and drinks


With the Food Deco addon you will be able to decorate the rooms in your home with decorative dishes and mugs with drinks. And this addon is also suitable for creating a real medieval tavern!

Download Food Deco mod for Minecraft PE


Furnicraft - 500 pieces of furniture and the opportunity to create a family


Furnicraft Add-on adds a huge amount of furniture and interior items to the game! Decorate your house and rooms with furniture, put refrigerator and stove in the kitchen, sofa and TV in the living room, shower and sink in the bathroom. And once you’re done arranging your furniture, head to the nearest village, find yourself a wife and start a family right in Minecraft PE.

Modern Blocks Add-on - Over 980 New Blocks for Minecraft PE


Modern Blocks Add-on for Minecraft PE adds more than 980 new blocks to the game to build modern buildings! This is a real find for construction enthusiasts, expanding the boundaries of fantasy to infinity. Now you can easily build a penthouse, a skyscraper or any other building you see fit!

Modern Blocks Add-on Direct Download Links

Modern Blocks [Behavior] Modern Blocks [Resource]

Add-on For School Furniture & Equipments


School Equipments is a mod for school furniture and decor items to build educational institutions in Minecraft PE. Here you will find a large number of desks, teacher desks, school boards, textbooks and lockers for personal belongings to build and decorate your own school or university in the game.

School Furniture Add-on Direct Download Links

School Equipments [Behavior] School Equipments [Resource]

Peeps Furniture - Add-on for Modern Furniture and Decor Items


Peeps Furniture Add-on adds more than 50 modern furniture and decor items to the game for all rooms in the house. Now you will be able to decorate the living room and arrange armchairs, tables and sofas in it. The kitchen will have a cabinet, refrigerator, stoves and other kitchen utensils. And in the bathroom, you will be able to place sinks, showers and bathtubs.

Peeps Furniture Add-on Direct Download Links

Peeps Furniture [Behavior] Peeps Furniture [Resource]

Potopo: Plushies - Add-on for Plush Toys in Minecraft PE


Potopo: Plushies is a unique Lucky Blocks add-on for Minecraft Pocket Edition that adds various boxes to the game, from which you can get random plushies. All the stuffed toys are made in a cute way and represent the game’s mobs and heroes, and you can use them to decorate your builds. Also, you can email the author of the mod and he will add a toy with your skin to the Lucky Blocks selection!

Potopo: Plushies Add-on Direct Download Links

Potopo-Plushies-BP.mcaddon Potopo-Plushies-RP.mcaddon

Star Wars Toys - Add-on for Star Wars Action Figures and Laser Swords


Star Wars Toys decor mod is created for the real fans of Star Wars, because now you will be able to decorate your homes with figures of the main characters from the legendary movie. In addition, the mod will allow you to use laser swords, exactly like those of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker!

Star Wars Toys Add-on Direct Download Links

Star Wars Toys [Behavior] Star Wars Toys [Resource]

Funko POP! - Add-on with Popular Figures for Minecraft


With the Funko POP! Add-on you can add popular toys of various cartoon, movie and game characters with big heads to Minecraft PE. Decorate your home with new decor items!

Funko POP! Add-on Direct Download Links

FunkoPop [Behavior] FunkoPop [Resource]

Furnilla - Furniture Add-on With Texture Packs Support


Furnilla Add-on adds a large number of new furniture to Minecraft PE, among which you can find tables, chairs, sofas, armchairs, as well as various decorative items and appliances, such as aquariums, TV, game consoles, lamps, fans and much more! But the most important feature of the mod is that it can work with any texture packs, changing the appearance of furniture under the general visual style of the game!

Furnilla Add-on Direct Download Links

Furnilla [Behavior] Furnilla [Resource]