Minecraft Villagers Mods

Welcome to the Villagers Mods and Addons category of MCPE-GAME. Minecraft Villagers Mods are the mods that add new items, blocks and other stuff in game. Here you will find a great list of the most popular and recent Villagers Add-ons update daily by ours.

Happy Family - A Great Add-on for Families and Children


Happy Family addon for family in Minecraft Pocket Edition that will allow you to take care of your residents, get married, start a family and have children! By creating a new unit of society, your soulmate will be able to help you in cooking and resource extraction. And to make your family in MCPE even happier, you can get new pets.

Happy Family Add-on Direct Download Links

Happy Family [Behavior] Happy Family [Resource]

Human Addon - People With Professions


With the Human Addon you will be able to add inhabitants to the game and assign them a variety of professions! Build your own medieval city or castle and put blacksmiths, archers, farmers, fishermen and other people in it. And of course, you’ll be able to trade with each of these NPCs and buy various items specific to their profession from them!

Human Addon Direct Download Links

Human Addon [Behavior] Human Addon [Resource]

Caveman Buddy - Add-on for Cavemen and Aztecs


Caveman Buddy is a Minecraft inhabitants mod that adds savages and Aztecs to the game, who will live in their tribes. New NPCs can go hunting, wage wars between tribes, and even hunt dinosaurs from other mods!

Caveman Buddy Add-on Direct Download Links


Add-on for Villagers With Ability to Replace Skins


Villagers With Player Skin is a small Minecraft add-on that replaces their game model with a more human one and adds new skins to villagers, according to their professions. But the main feature of the mod is that you can use your own skins and apply them, for example you can put skins of your friends.

Villagers With Player Skin Add-on Direct Download Links


Happy Villagers - Mod For New Villagers With Professions


Happy Villagers – Great inhabitants addon for Minecraft PE, adding new NPCs with professions, unique skins and active actions to the game. Now you will be able to create a real town or village with living inhabitants, which will communicate with each other, do their own things and even have offspring! In addition, the Happy Villagers mod adds several new items to the game, with which the NPCs will be able to interact.

Happy Villagers Addon Direct Download Links

HappyVillagers[Behavior] HappyVillagers[Resource]

Cheap Villagers - A mod for profitable trading with residents


Are you tired of traders charging unfair prices for their goods? Want to buy items from civilians for almost nothing? With this mod you will be able to purchase goods in villages in exchange for blocks of land!

Cheap Villagers Addon Direct Download Links


Village Guards - Addon For Creating Garrison In The Village


Want to protect villages in Minecraft from enemy raids? With the Village Guards mod, you’ll be able to assign residents to the role of warriors, who will garrison and guard villages from enemies by patrolling the area!

Village Guards Addon Direct Download Links


Valhalla Guards — New NPCs Which Can Protect Your Castle


Defend your settlements or create your own army in the castle with Valhalla Guards Addon! Now you will have the best warriors at your disposal, including knights, mages, archers and lords, to whom you can give various orders. It is not necessary to just guard your territory, when you can go with a huge army and capture other people’s lands!

Valhalla Guards Addon Direct Download Links


Inhumanity - Mod for humanoid inhabitants and bandits


Minecraft Inhumanity Residents mod will make all peaceful NPCs look like players or humans. You will also be able to hire guards to protect you from bandits and brigands, or take part in settlement wars.

Inhumanity Mod Direct Download Links

BanditMobs.mcaddon HumanMobs.mcaddon VillageGuards.mcaddon

Villagers Come Alive - Mod for living inhabitants in Minecraft


With the Villagers Come Alive Addon, villages will have full-fledged residents who will have their own way of life, and you can have families and designate them as guards. In addition, guards can be hired as bodyguards to protect you during your adventures.

Villagers Come Alive Addon Direct Download Links

Villagers Come Alive [Behavior] Villagers Come Alive [Resource]