Minecraft NPC Mods

Welcome to the NPC Mods and Addons category of MCPE-GAME. Minecraft NPC Mods are the mods that add new items, blocks and other stuff in game. Here you will find a great list of the most popular and recent NPC Add-ons update daily by ours.

Pirates - Great Pirate Mod for Minecraft


By installing this mod you will add to the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition pirates, a new boss, various mobs and creatures, as well as weapons. Go on a sea adventure to explore new lands!

Minecraft Pirates Mod Direct Download Links

Pirates [Behavior] Pirates [Resource]

Happy Family - A Great Add-on for Families and Children


Happy Family addon for family in Minecraft Pocket Edition that will allow you to take care of your residents, get married, start a family and have children! By creating a new unit of society, your soulmate will be able to help you in cooking and resource extraction. And to make your family in MCPE even happier, you can get new pets.

Happy Family Add-on Direct Download Links

Happy Family [Behavior] Happy Family [Resource]

Human Addon - People With Professions


With the Human Addon you will be able to add inhabitants to the game and assign them a variety of professions! Build your own medieval city or castle and put blacksmiths, archers, farmers, fishermen and other people in it. And of course, you’ll be able to trade with each of these NPCs and buy various items specific to their profession from them!

Human Addon Direct Download Links

Human Addon [Behavior] Human Addon [Resource]

Caveman Buddy - Add-on for Cavemen and Aztecs


Caveman Buddy is a Minecraft inhabitants mod that adds savages and Aztecs to the game, who will live in their tribes. New NPCs can go hunting, wage wars between tribes, and even hunt dinosaurs from other mods!

Caveman Buddy Add-on Direct Download Links


The Prequel Trilogy - Add-on for Weapons and Heroes From Star Wars


The Prequel Trilogy – Star Wars Add-on for Minecraft, with which you can add to the game all the main characters of the Star Wars saga, as well as the main weapon – laser swords! It remains to choose the side of good or evil and fight for peace in the galaxy!

The Prequel Trilogy Add-on Direct Download Links


Girl Friend Add-on


Girl Friend is a small add-on for Minecraft PE in which you’ll be able to have a romantic relationship with one of the 4 beautiful girls. Meet the love of your life, propose your hand and heart to her, and then go explore the vast expanses of the game together!

Girl Friend Add-on Direct Download Links

GirlFriends [Resource] GirlFriends [Behavior]

Cyberpunk 2077 - Add-on for cars, weapons and heroes from Cyberpunk


Hey chumba, ready to head to Knight City and meet your favorite heroes on your smartphone screen? Then the sliver with Cyberpunk 2077 Add-on on Minecraft PE is already waiting for you to install it! Here you’ll find everything you need – Car V, Johnny Silverhand, Jackie and new weapons!

Cyberpunk 2077 Add-on Direct Download Links

Cyberpunk 2077 [Addon] Cyberpunk 2077 [Скины]

Fenix Family - Add-on for Relationships, Family and Children


Fenix Family – A great family, relationship and kids mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, adding over 60 new characters to the game with which you can enter into a relationship! Take care of NPCs, compliment them, give them gifts, create your own family, have a child and raise it. Now you’re sure to have a lot to do in the game!

Fenix Family Add-on Direct Download Links

Fenix Family [Resource] Fenix Family [Behavior]

Mermaids - Add-on for Mermaids and Beautiful Girls


With the Mermaids add-on you can add real mermaids to Minecraft, who will live in the oceans! Make friends with a mermaid by giving her a nautilus shell or turn her into a beautiful girl using magic amulets.

Mermaids Add-on Direct Download Links


Animal Girls - Add-on for Fashioned Girls in Costumes


The girls mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition called Animal Girls Add-on will add to the game beautiful girls in different costumes that you can meet in the game. And if any of them you particularly like, you can even marry her to become your faithful companion and battle buddy!

Animal Girls Add-on Direct Download Links