Minecraft Global Mods

Welcome to the Global Mods and Addons category of MCPE-GAME. Minecraft Global Mods are the mods that add new items, blocks and other stuff in game. Here you will find a great list of the most popular and recent Global Add-ons update daily by ours.

Cave Enhancements - Global Dungeons and Caves Add-on


Cave Enhancements is one of the best and most extensive dungeon and cave addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition! The mod will completely change the underground world generation procedure in the game, adds biomes for caves, new locations to explore and dungees. In addition, the addition will add to the MCPE at once 50 types of new ore, more than 300 items, including weapons, armor, and tools, as well as allowing you to use the flashlight and illuminate the area without installing it!

Cave Enhancements Add-on Direct Download Links

Cave Enhancements [Behavior] Cave Enhancements [Resource]

World War II Add-on


World War II is a global war add-on for Minecraft PE that adds weapons, vehicles, vehicles and soldiers of the German and American armies from World War II. Have a grand battle between the two armies on the battlefield, while fighter jets and bombers fly overhead and enemy heavy equipment shoots at your fortifications! This is one of the best World War II mods for Minecraft PE.

World War II Add-on Direct Download Links

World War 2 [Behavior] World War 2 [Resource]

Minecraft Dungeons Replicas - New Mobs and Bosses from Minecraft Dungeon


If you’ve been thinking for a long time about how cool it would be to add new mobs and bosses from Minecraft Dungeons, then this mod is made for you! Now you’ll be able to fight new enemies from Minecraft Dungeons right on your smartphone. Grab new weapons, destroy new bosses and defeat the Archvillain!

Minecraft Dungeons Replicas Add-on Direct Download Links

Minecraft-Dungeons-RP.mcpack Minecraft-Dungeons-BP.mcpack

The Frosted Expansion Pack - Adventures in Frosted Biomes


The Frosted Expansion Pack – A great add-on for Minecraft Bedrock Edition containing new cold biomes, where frost even makes the fog appear, and there will be unique mobs waiting for you, adapted to the harsh conditions! Fight the boss, find new weapons, and collect a full set of frost armor!

Frosted Expansion Pack Add-on Direct Download Links


Cyberpunk 2077 - Add-on for cars, weapons and heroes from Cyberpunk


Hey chumba, ready to head to Knight City and meet your favorite heroes on your smartphone screen? Then the sliver with Cyberpunk 2077 Add-on on Minecraft PE is already waiting for you to install it! Here you’ll find everything you need – Car V, Johnny Silverhand, Jackie and new weapons!

Cyberpunk 2077 Add-on Direct Download Links

Cyberpunk 2077 [Addon] Cyberpunk 2077 [Скины]

Pocket Mythology - Large mod with mythical mobs, armor and weapons


With the Pocket Mythology Add-on you can add to Minecraft PE fictional creatures from the mythology of different countries, as well as a large number of new weapons and armor! Ogres, cyclops, trolls, and many other creatures will now appear in the world of the game, inhabiting various biomes. And with new weapons and armor your battles will become even more intense and dynamic.

Pocket Mythology Add-on Direct Download Links


WasteLanders - Add-on For The Real Apocalypse in Minecraft


With the apocalypse mod for Minecraft PE WasteLanders you will get into a destroyed world, where there is no clean air, drinking water and plants left, and the land has turned into a dangerous wasteland! Explore the remains of civilization, find destroyed buildings, fight the most dangerous mutated monsters and try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

WasteLanders Add-on Direct Download Links


Project Walker - Add-on for rugged survival in the world of the apocalypse


Project Walker is a global survival add-on for Minecraft PE that completely changes the gameplay of the game. Explore new buildings that will appear in random places in the world, defend against infected, survivors and bandits, search buildings for new weapons, armor and ammo. Survive for real, find the last food and drink in a post-apocalyptic world so you don’t die of hunger and thirst. Beware of contamination and jumping from great heights that can lead to broken limbs. This is one of the best survival mods for MCPE!

Project Walker Add-on Direct Download Links

ProjectWalker [Behavior] ProjectWalker [Resource]

ReTold - A Great Survival Mode Addon for Minecraft With Mutants


ReTold is a global Minecraft Addon that makes the game in survival mode more interesting and exciting. Add new mobs and incredibly strong bosses to the MCPE world, fight them in a new set of armor, and use new blocks for building.

ReTold Addon Direct Download Links

retold.mcaddon retold_blocks.mcaddon

SpaghettiJet's ApocalypseZ - Zombie Apocalypse Addon


SpaghettiJet’s ApocalypseZ is a global Minecraft zombie apocalypse mod with weapons, military vehicles, new mobs and useful survival items! Find yourself in the world after being infected with an unknown virus, rescue civilians, destroy the living dead and marauders along with the military. Choose your weapon, build your own base, and fight to the last against the zombie mobs!

SpaghettiJet's ApocalypseZ Addon Direct Download Links

ApocalypseZ [behavior] ApocalypseZ [resource]