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Work on Minecraft 1.17 continues, as you can see by downloading Minecraft with two new blocks from the upcoming update!

What’s new in MCPE

After several months where all beta versions of the game were only released to fix bugs, the Minecraft update looks like a breath of fresh air! The new version of the game has added 2 new units, the Acoustic Sensor and the Drip Sensor. Let’s sort out what these are and what it’s for.

Acoustic sensor

Acoustic Sensor from Minecraft

The Acoustic Sensor is a new unit that will give a redstone signal when a vibration occurs. Now it will be possible to invent new mechanisms!

  • Sensor reacts to vibration from players and mobs, but won’t activate if a character is sneaking around
  • Can pick up vibrations from up to 8 blocks away and will trigger a 2 second vibration alarm
  • Acoustic sensors do not intercept each other’s signals

At the moment, the sensor picks up footsteps, swimming, hitting blocks and drops.


Dropper from Minecraft

A new block that will eventually form stalactites and stalagmites, which was promised in the Caves and Rocks update. Fallen stalactites as well as the player hitting stalagmites does damage.

Fixed errors

  • Fixed a bug related to errors when loading worlds
  • Foxes feeding on wild berries again
  • Fixed an issue with the in-game store

Warning! Before you install Minecraft PE please make sure to back up your worlds!

Game version1.16.210.56
The licenseFree
Launch Date20.01.2020
Xbox LiveSupported by

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