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Work on the Inferno update continues, and everyone can download Minecraft – this week’s new beta!

What’s changed in MCPE

Minecraft update is entirely dedicated to in-game optimization and bug fixes. At the same time, the developers continue to work on the updated achievements screen, fixing various bugs and errors at the same time.

Fixed errors

At once 71 bug fixes are fixed in the changelog of the Minecraft Bedrock version In our memory, it is the largest bug fix in the game. Let’s see if players can now find new bugs.

In-game optimization

  • Fixed bugs that caused the game to crash
  • New Achievement Screen no longer crashes the game
  • Optimized chunk loading during biome generation

Gameplay Changes

  • Portals to the Underworld work correctly again
  • Spawn mobs now depends on the rendering range settings
  • Fixed a bug where tame pets disappeared after visiting the Upper World
  • Updated beehive textures
  • Non-magma armor no longer loses strength if the player is on a block of Magma
  • Added the /event command to trigger in-game events
  • Creature Calling Eggs can now be used underwater
  • Fixed the boat exit button on smartphones and tablets
  • Trunks located at the Edge were updated

Warning! Before you install Minecraft PE update, make sure you back up your worlds!

Game version1.16.100.57
The licenseFree
Launch Date24.09.2020
Xbox LiveSupported by

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