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What’s new in MCPE

The Minecraft update is once again dedicated to refining the updated achievements menu in the game. With each new beta, the developers are bringing the screen of earned Achievements to perfection. Most likely, when they are fully satisfied with the result, we can look forward to the new content, but for now content with what we have.

Fixed errors

In the new version Minecraft Bedrock we have fixed 21 bugs and added new features for modders.

In-game optimization

  • Adjusted correct calculation of earned rewards
  • New in-game awards
  • Fixed an issue where the total time in game was counted incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue with login on consoles

Gameplay Changes

  • Returned boulder and related tool crafts to the recipe book
  • Changed frame setting sound
  • Fixed the sound of the bugle fading during marauder attacks

Warning! Before you install Minecraft PE please make sure to back up your worlds!

Game version1.16.100.56
The licenseFree
Launch Date17.09.2020
Xbox LiveSupported by

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