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The first beta of August is already available! All players can download Minecraft to their devices and explore the innovations!

What’s new in MCPE

Minecraft update is once again aimed at the equality of Bedrock and Java versions. Apparently, the developers are not able to do it evenly and they decided to release patches aimed at merging versions once every few months.

Nevertheless the work is going on and the progress is noticeable, which means that one day we will be able to see PC and mobile versions with the same content!

New Achievement Interface in Minecraft

In addition, work continues on the updated achievements screen, which started in the last version. The menu of achievements becomes more convenient and informative.

Fixed errors

In addition to the above changes, 28 bugs and errors have been fixed in Minecraft Bedrock version Many of them do not deserve a separate attention, and we have written out the most interesting ones below.

In-game optimization

  • Fixed bug with item deup when moving through portals
  • Fixed a bug that caused the background music to stop playing in the water
  • Added achievement synchronization between different devices on the same account

Gameplay changes

  • Fixed an issue with the compass not working properly on the boat
  • Fixed podzol block generation under spruces
  • Fixed bug with powering rails from redstone
  • Experience spheres will no longer sink in water
  • Red torch can no longer be used as a TNT detonator
  • Renamed boats and wagons no longer reset their name after destruction and reinstallation
  • Fixed the process of collecting fish in a bucket


  • Phantom Spawn is no longer affected by lighting
  • Gastas will no longer be able to destroy Basalt blocks
  • Dolphins will die after exactly 2 minutes if landed
  • Ifrites can change battle modes again
  • Optimized how turtles and dolphins behave underwater

Warning! Before you install Minecraft PE please make sure to back up your worlds!

Game version1.16.100.51
The licenseFree
Launch Date12.08.2020
Xbox LiveSupported by

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