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The new, weekly beta is now available, which means you can download Minecraft to your devices!

What’s new in MCPE

Update Minecraft is the first step in changing the appearance of the achievements section in the game. The developers are planning to completely redesign the interface of the Achieve page and the first innovations can already be estimated by yourself! In addition, in version completely redesigned generation of structures, so they will be created without any errors.

Fixed errors

The latest version Minecraft Bedrock has 18 fixes affecting various aspects of the game. The most important changes we have described below.

In-game optimization

  • Fixed a bug related to the Shulkers that caused the game to crash
  • Fixed bug while using fishing rods
  • Optimized textures loading in background mode

Gameplay Changes

  • Added sound when destroying bamboo
  • Small adjustments to display chains correctly
  • Boss HP scale displays its correct name
  • Edge Crystals can no longer be moved by pistons

Warning Before installing the update Minecraft PE remember to make a backup copy of your worlds!

Game version1.16.100.50
The licenseFree
Launch Date30.07.2020
Xbox LiveSupported by

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