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Minecraft’s major update for 2020 is just around the corner, download Minecraft to find out what’s new in the game!

What’s new in MCPE

Minecraft brings the major release of Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update even closer. This update adds support for servers as well as an updated server connection interface.

Players can now see detailed server information, add their favorite servers, as well as receive ping information. From this we can conclude that very soon we will be able to play in brand new worlds!

Fixed errors

The list of bug fixes in Minecraft Bedrock includes 13 changes, most of which are aimed at optimizing the game.

In-game optimization

  • Optimized game client for Android and iOS
  • Fixed bugs that lead to crashes and crashing of the game
  • Optimized image rendering system
  • Fixed a hang bug that caused the game to freeze while loading third-party maps

Gameplay Changes

  • Changed the principle of the chests generation. You will no longer find the chests without any loot
  • Fixed a map rendering bug while riding
  • Shells will cause damage again and will disappear after explosion

Warning! Before you install Minecraft PE please make sure to back up your worlds!

Minecraft PE version1.16.0.66
The licenseFree
Launch Date04.06.2020
Xbox LiveSupported by

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