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What’s changed in MCPE

The Minecraft update turned out to be quite massive. New content from Nether Update continues to be added to the Bedrock version of the game. The developers have done a great job of fixing the bugs found in previous versions, as well as adding a number of innovations to the game.

Chain Craft Recipe from Minecraft

You will now be able to craft chains, as well as encounter them in Bastions. Chains are perfect for hanging a lamp or decorating a castle in the game.

Magma Cube from Minecraft

In addition to chains, you’ll also be able to come across Magma Cubes spawners in the Bastions. If you don’t want to fight this mob endlessly, you’ll have to destroy their spawner first.

Fixed errors

According to the official list of changes, Minecraft Bedrock has 55 bug fixes. We have described the most significant ones below.

In-game optimization

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when stacking different tiles
  • Textures of creature summoning eggs have become identical to the Java version
  • Fixed replaying the sound when turning Hoglin into Zoglin
  • Fixed an issue with melting gold ore into ingots
  • Mobs from the underworld will no longer spawn on the surface of the normal world

Gameplay Changes

  • Rain can now completely extinguish fire
  • Fixed the generation model of Bastions in the Lower World
  • Updated the model and chance to generate destroyed portals
  • Endermen now have the ability to enter the Underworld
  • Fixed a bug that caused not all wood to burn in the stove
  • Shower Fire got its own sound
  • Cats spawning frequency in civilian villages was optimized


  • Fixed Pyglin movement animation
  • Fixed bug with incorrect display of armor worn by Pyglies
  • Fixed hitbox for Strayers
  • Bees can fly over spaces with stairs

Warning! Before you upgrade Minecraft PE please make sure to back up your worlds!

Game version1.16.0.59
The licenseFree
Launch Date30.04.2020
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