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The infernal update continues! Hurry up and download Minecraft to see for yourself all the new items and mobs!

What’s changed in MCPE

Minecraft update adds to the game almost all the features of the full version of Minecraft 1.16, which were available in the Java version of the game! Mojang has been working for a long time to arrive at version parity and today that moment has arrived!


Zoglins from Minecraft

Have you met the Hoglins yet? If somehow, they pass through the portal and get into the normal world, they will turn into Zoglins – a sort of zombie version of boars.

Anchor revival

Anchor Revival from Minecraft

A new unit that can be used as a revival point, without the use of a bed. An indispensable thing for the lower world, where bed placement is simply not possible.

Bastion Ruins

Bastion Ruins from Minecraft

Bastions are ruined castles that are still guarded by their owners, the Piglins. Here you can find chests with useful and rare items. Remnants of Bastions are not generated in Basalt Deltas and Ash Cliffs.

Destroyed portals

Destroyed Portals from Minecraft

As you can understand from the name, these are portals that have been destroyed by time and can be found in the Upper and Lower Worlds. With a modicum of luck, a chest with useful loot can be discovered next to the construction.

And other new features

In addition to all of the above, in the fresh beta version of the game appeared Emotions! Only one emotion is available at the moment, but their addition to the game indicates that in the near future the list of animations will increase significantly.

Magnetite is a new block, on which the compass can be adjusted so that its arrow always shows the location of the reference point.

Fixed errors

It would seem that about what fixed bugs we can talk about when so much content was added to the game. However, Minecraft Bedrock has more than 50 bug fixes.

In-game optimization

  • Updated appearance of the server selection menu
  • Added a system for banning and kaki players
  • Fixed loss of experience after game restart
  • Overall game optimization and stability of the game client was improved

Gameplay changes

  • New sounds added to all biomes of the underworld, as well as for the caves and underwater dungeons
  • Overgrowth can be mined with a hoe
  • Trade with the inhabitants of the world has been brought closer to the Java version of the game
  • Compass changes name if linked to Magnetite
  • Changed sounds of honey blocks


  • Friendly mobs will panic at any hits
  • Creepers again deal damage by exploding in boats

Warning! Before you install Minecraft PE please make sure to back up your worlds!

Game version1.16.0.57
The licenseFree
Launch Date16.04.2020
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