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Mojang studio released another weekly update and offers to download Minecraft for self-testing!

What’s new in MCPE

With the Minecraft update, the mobile version of the game has become a few steps closer to the original Java version. The developers have focused on the equality of the two versions and fixing the bugs that arise because of this.

It is difficult to mark out any significant innovations, but the list of bugfixes is rather impressive.

Fixed errors

Minecraft Bedrock changelog contains 16 fixes, reviewed below are the most interesting ones

In-game optimization

  • Bug fixes related to honey and honey block crafting recipes
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to crash when enchanting a fishing rod

Gameplay Changes

  • Ranking of items in the store again shows the correct data
  • Fixed a bug that caused items to drop out incorrectly when destroying the funnel carriage with a long-range attack
  • Laminaria will continue to grow if you cut off half of the plant (e.g. with a plunger)

Mobs and NPCs

The Dragon of the Edge has been weakened
  • Dragon Edge has been weakened, now the player has a better chance to defeat it on the first try
  • A creeper that gets caught in a boat can explode and deal damage
  • Zombies again gained the ability to break turtle eggs
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Exorcist from destroying Obsidian blocks
  • Peaceful citizens began selling enchantment books for the Trident
  • Healed zombie inhabitants will be selling items at a discount as a thank you
A creeper hit by a boat can explode and cause damage

Warning Before you install the update Minecraft PE, be sure to back up your worlds!

Game version1.15.0.55
The licenseFree
Launch Date04.03.2020
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