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Mojang studio has released a new technical update and offers to download Minecraft for Android devices with bug fixes and new crafting recipes.

What’s changed in MCPE

The Minecraft update primarily affected crafting recipes and in-game interaction with honey bottles. Players gained the ability to collect bottles into a single stack of 16 items, as well as create filled flasks using a block of honey.

Fixed errors

The updated version of Minecraft Bedrock fixes 11 bugs found during beta testing. The most significant changes are presented below.

In-game optimization

  • Fixed skin reset error after restarting the game to the default skin
  • Custom skins can be loaded and installed much faster
  • Fixed errors in the Character Editor

Gameplay Changes

Craft and Stack Honey Bottles in Minecraft
  • Honey bottles can be stacked in one slot. The maximum size of a pack – 16
  • Added a new recipe for crafting. Combine 1 block of honey and 4 flasks to get 4 bottles of honey
  • Honeycomb textures and honey bottles are fully compatible with the Java version of the game

Warning! Before you install Minecraft PE update, don’t forget to make a backup copy of your worlds!

Game version1.14.0.4
The licenseFree
Date of issue30.10.2019
Xbox LiveSupported by

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