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Download the first test version of Minecraft in which were added bees, hives, blocks of honeycombs and other innovations!

Major changes in the game

Minecraft update can safely be called “Honey”, because it is entirely devoted to bees and everything associated with them. The game features kind and aggressive bees, beehives, honey block, honey flask, and honey block! Hurry up and grab your Android smartphone or tablet and install update


Bees in Minecraft

Bees – A new flying mob, initially neutral towards the player, but can attack back. If a bee stings the player, it loses its sting and then dies after 50-60 seconds.

Bees collect pollen from nearby flowers, which can be used to breed them, live in hives and nests, and sleep at night.

Hives and nests

The player can craft bee hives, this requires 6 boards and 3 units of bee honeycombs.

Nests appear in the game world automatically, they can be obtained by applying “Silk Touch” and no other way.

And other honey items

And other honey items in Minecraft

By applying scissors to a honey-filled hive, a player can collect up to 3 units of honeycomb. Using an empty flask, a jar of honey can be collected.

By connecting 4 bee honeycomb units on the workbench, a new honeycomb unit can be created. And 4 units of bottles filled with honey are used to create a new honey block.

  • The honeycomb block is purely decorative
  • Honey block – slows down movement, reduces the jump height, and reduces damage from falling by 80%

Bug fix

In-Game Optimization

  • Optimized game for better stability on low-end devices
  • Fixed bugs that cause the game to crash
  • Resolved an issue that occurs when you switch the language

Gameplay Changes

  • Fixed the cloaks selection menu and their display on the game character
  • Fixed an issue with the armor rack
  • Spawn zombies and skeletons in caves works correctly again
  • Problem with crossbow firing fixed

Warning! Before you upgrade Minecraft PE please make sure to back up your worlds!

Minecraft PE version1.14.0.1
The licenseFree
Date of issue09.10.2019
Xbox LiveSupported by

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