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Hurry up to download Minecraft, because new items, sounds and mobs have been added to the game!

Major changes in the game

Minecraft [Test Version]

Minecraft update brings the mobile game even closer to the Java version! The developers have added suspicious soup, rose desiccation, brown mushroom cow, new light blocks and are working on the in-game skin editor!

New features and bug fixes

New mobs and items

  • Added Brown Mushroom Cow, appearing after lightning strikes a red cow
  • Added a recipe for crafting a suspicious soup that imposes effects on the player, depending on the ingredients used
  • Added a light bulb to the game, with the ability to change the degree of illumination (from 0 to 15)
  • Introduced the rose of desiccation
Suspicious Soup Crafting Recipe in Minecraft [Test Version]

In total, in update 133 bugs found in previous versions of the game have been removed.


  • Frames can now be placed on the top and bottom of blocks
  • Music block changes the sound depending on the block it is on
  • Fixed the ability to spawn more than 1 Dragon of the Edge in the Ender world.
  • Sprouts can now appear in rivers
  • Added credits after defeating the Dragon of the Edge
  • Peaceful inhabitants can now restore their health using bread
  • Adjusted the size of the growth of the game character. Previously it exceeded 2 blocks in height

Skin editor

Curious players have been able to activate the built-in Minecraft Bedrock Edition skin editor. There you can change the hair and clothing of the game character!

Warning! Before you install Minecraft PE make a backup copy of your worlds!

Game version1.13.0.6
The licenseFree
Date of issue27.08.2019
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