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Download the beta version of Minecraft for Android smartphones and try out all the innovations of the update yourself!

Major changes in the game

Minecraft update is dedicated to improving the optimization of the game and fixing the bugs found. Recall that in version 1.13.0 foxes, structural blocks, clouds and various features for mod creators have been added.

Minecraft [Test Version]

Bug fix

In the new version Minecraft Bedrock, Mojang team has fixed 51 bugs. The list of the most significant fixes is presented below:

In-game optimization

  • Fixed bugs that caused the game to crash on iOS devices
  • Improved overall game performance
  • Fixed an error that occurs when connecting to a server
  • Fixed memory leak when using Elitra on top world


  • Foxes no longer run away from the player if they sneak around
  • Fixed a bug with orange (taiga) foxes breeding incorrectly
  • Foxes won’t be able to drown while hunting for fish in ponds
  • Foxes from the Bedrock version of the game now have the same speed as in the Java version

Gameplay changes

  • Parrots no longer land on the shoulder incorrectly
  • Music players no longer play music after they are destroyed
  • Fixed camera positioning while the player is in bed
  • Fixed a bug with buttons not displaying correctly in the main menu


  • Fixed the recipe for bed crafting
  • Dynamite can be crafted from any type of sand

Warning! Make a backup of your worlds before you install Minecraft PE!

The game version1.13.0.2
The licenseFree
Date of issue10.07.2019
Xbox LiveSupported by

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