Seed: Portal & Villages

This seed on the village and 2 ruined portals would be a great choice for a new survival mode game!

Seed ID: -228008064

The starting point of the spawn will be a dense forest, next to which there are 5 rivers surrounding various biomes and connecting into one large river. Nearby, you will be able to find the first village of this Minecraft Seed, located in the mountains.

The coordinates of the second village, located on a flat biome, are shown in the image below.

Sid on a village with two portals

To find useful resources and materials, while playing in survival mode, you can go to the mine, which is a huge gorge.

Sid on a village with two portals

As we already said, in this syd in Minecraft PE there are not only villages, but also 2 destroyed portals nearby, which you can easily restore and go to the lower world.

Updated at 29.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Seeds, Villages
Platform Android, iOS, Windows

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