Seed: Snowy Sid with villages

Using this snow seed in Minecraft PE you will be able to start the game near a small winter village located in the hills.

Seed ID: -361649757

The snow-covered village seed is perfect for playing in survival mode, but also for creative mode and building a castle, medieval city or other objects.

The character’s point of origin is at the edge of the forest. To find the winter village go to the nearest hilly biome. Under one of the houses, standing on a high mountain you can find a deep cave with plenty of useful resources.

By the way, there is another village in the winter plain, the coordinates of which you can see on the photo below.

Snow Sid with two villages and a cave
Updated at 29.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Seeds, Snow Biomes, Villages
Platform Android, iOS, Windows

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