Seed for the village with the gorge

Finding the generation key for the village for Minecraft PE is not so difficult, but this seed is special. Here you will appear next to a village, which is divided into 2 parts by a deep gorge.

The village with peaceful inhabitants is surrounded by trees, at the junction of two biomes. But the main feature of the Seed is also the fact that the village is divided by a large canyon, which is quite deep and rich in useful resources.

In addition, to the west of the buildings you can find a ruined portal to the underworld. If you are playing in survival mode, it helps to save resources to build the portal and further play the game.

Screenshots of the area

View of the area from above

World Generation Key: 1220909631

Updated at 28.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Villages
Platform Android, iOS, Windows

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