Snapshot 20w30a. What’s new?

Change of rewards in the Ruins of the Bastion, the respawn near the beds and the revival anchors and other changes.

Major changes

Lanterns can now be placed under water (previously the block with the lantern did not pass water).

New underwater flashlights

Changed the chance of dropping some items in the Bastion Ruins:

  • The number of spectral arrows has been changed from 10-18 to 2-12
  • Gold Axe now possible to find
  • Changed the amount of gold niello from 8-12 to 5-8
  • Amount of iron and gold ingots changed from 2-8 to 4-9
Hoaglin stalls
  • Amount of florescent stone changed from 1-5 to 3-6
  • Change from 1-5 to 2-5 pieces of gold niello
  • Chances of dropping neserite scrap, ancient debris, and gold blocks have been more balanced
  • Can now find 1-5 weeping obsidian
  • You can now find a randomly enchanted diamond pickaxe, gold axe, and gold hoe
Living spaces
  • You can now find pork steak, golden apple, iron block, 6-17 golden carrots.
  • You can now find randomly enchanted golden axe, diamond pickaxe, and iron sword
  • Number of spectral arrows changed from 2-15 to 10-22
treasure trove
  • Amount of Lava Cream has been changed from 2-8 to 3-8
  • Amount of gold niello changed from 1-5 to 5-15
  • Amount of iron ingots changed from 1-5 to 3-5 pieces
  • Changed the number of enchanted golden apple and 2-5 iron ingots
  • Changed the number of Spectral Arrows from 5-21 to 12-15
  • Number of diamonds changed from 1-3 to 2-6

Player position after revival

In the new update, Mojang has changed the position of the player appearing near the revival anchor or bed after death quite a bit. If there are dangerous blocks (such as magma, lava, or a missing block) around the revival site, the game will try to avoid them if possible.

In addition, the player will now always revive with their gaze directed towards the bed or anchor revival.

If you would like to check out the snapshot in person, you can follow the link tothe officialMinecraft website with this update.

Updated at 28.04.2021
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