Cave Enhancements Add-on

This Add-on will turn idea of dungeons, dungeons and caves and give you a new look at the underground world of Minecraft Pocket Edition!

Cave Enhancements is a global Minecraft dungeons and caves mod that completely changes the process of generation of dungeons and mines in the game, making them more diverse, rich and interesting to explore.

On top of that, the mod adds 50 types of new materials and ores, over 300 new items for crafting and realistic lanterns that will illuminate the area around your character even if you just hold them in your hand! Now you no longer have to separately install the torch mod.

Renewed dungeon generator

Updated dungeon generator from the Cave Enhancements mod on Minecraft PE

As you can see, the caves in Minecraft PE after installing the Cave Enhancements mod are much bigger, more expansive and filled with different resources. You will be able to meet the updated dungeons in any biome!

Biomes by the caves

Now, all underground locations will have their own biomes, which, as a rule, will coincide with the terrain on the surface!

You will have the opportunity to explore deserted caves, frosty dungeons, dungeons in the jungle and many other new places. Absolutely all new types of underground locations have both new and standard resources that you will be able to obtain during your adventures.

New Dungeons and Underground Locations

Tired of monotonous dungeons? Go to the depths in search of updated, containing a large number of dangerous traps and precious treasures! But don’t forget your armor and weaponry, as all kinds of different creatures will be guarding these new locations!

Ore, pickaxes, armor, and tools

And if you think that this is the end of the innovations in Cave Enhancements you are very mistaken!

In this dungeon mod for Minecraft PE, your underground exploration will be rewarded with a large number of useful resources that you can craft new powerful weapons, sturdy armor, and reliable tools!

The glow-in-hand torch from the Cave Enhancements mod in Minecraft PE

And about the glowing in your hand torch that lights up a space near the player, even without installing it on the wall or the ground, we have already mentioned.

Crystals and objects in caves

In the fresh update of Cave Enhancements mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition there are a lot of new features, that will improve the cave generation, as well as fill them with new objects.

For example, you will be able to meet crystals of different colors, new plants and even sharpened sword in the stone, that not every player will be able to get. But if you can, you will be generously rewarded!

Mechanisms and new Kraft

All new items will require special furnace for foundry. There you will be able to craft new blocks, armor, and even a mechanical drill!

We show you only the basic and most important recipes for crafting, and the full list of recipes for new items you can learn on your own, thanks to a button in the game menu, which leads to the most detailed instructions!

Cave Enhancements mod guide button on Minecraft PE
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.201 1.16.200
Genre Dungeons and Caves, Global, Mods, RPG, Torches, World Generation
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Cave Enhancements [Behavior] 2.67MB
Cave Enhancements [Resource] 19.53MB

Download Cave Enhancements Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+

Cave Enhancements [Behavior] Cave Enhancements [Resource]

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