Minecraft Dungeons Replicas Add-on

Just imagine how much Minecraft PE would change if Minecraft Dungeons weapons and enemies were added to it. With this mod, you can add all the innovations to the mobile version of the game!

Now you’ll be able to fight new enemies and bosses from Minecraft Dungeons not only in the corridor slasher for PC, but also on your smartphone. Grab new weapons, destroy new bosses, and defeat the Archvillain!

By the way, the author of the Minecraft Dungeons Replicas Add-on has another cool modification Furniture Moreniture, which allows you to make furniture and interior items.

New Mobs from Minecraft Dungeons Replicas



Corrupted by evil and driven by a thirst for revenge, the Archvillain is your main target.

  • Health: 1200
  • Skills: Can summon other mobs to his defense and shoots powerful orbs that deal heavy damage.

Spoiled boiler

Spoiled boiler

Spoiled Cauldron makes potions for the main boss and can spawn up to 7 slugs.

  • Health: 455
  • Damage Area: 5 blocks
  • Skill: Calls upon slugs for protection



Those pesky villagers will always try to kill you with their staff. But once they realize their mistake, they will try to escape from the battlefield and you will have to catch them!

  • Health: 30
  • Skills: Can create obstacles and throw bombs

The Nameless King

The Nameless King

An ancient skeleton that rules over the undead. He rose from the dead to protect his scepter, which he can use to summon a skeleton vanguard.

  • Health: 675
  • Abilities: Fires magic orbs and summons skeletons

Redstone Monster

Redstone monster

Redstone Golem’s primary auxiliary

  • Health: 30
  • Attack: 4

Redstone Golem

Redstone Golem

Giant golem made from a mixture of stone and redstone, capable of dealing great damage to the hero.

  • Health: 350
  • Attack: 35
  • Ability: Can summon Rarestone Monsters.

Redstone Beast

The Redstone Beast

A powerful monster that kills heroes instantly. You will need the best armor and weapons to fight him!

  • Health: 845
  • Attack: 40
  • Ability: Can summon redstone monsters.

Vanguard Skeleton

The Vanguard skeleton

The main defenders of the Desert Temple, subjects of the Nameless King. They attack whenever they see you.

  • Health: 35
  • Attack: 5



The ultimate ghosts that not only attack from the hand, but also cast curses.

  • Health: 35
  • Attack: 5



Never directly engage in combat, but instead sharpen their magic on nearby monsters.

  • Health: 45
  • Ability: Increases the strength of nearby monsters.



Armed with a crossbow and will strike you from afar.

  • Health: 45

King’s guard

Royal Guards

Main attacking force of the enemy, armed with heavy weapons and can defend against shield hits.

  • Health: 85
  • Attack: 20

The key


Like the original Minecraft Dungeons, these cute creatures are needed to open secret passages and doors.

  • Health: 5



Powerful undead that can summon armies of zombies to defend themselves. As wizards should, they attack from a distance, unleashing dangerous phaeerballs.

  • Health: 155
  • Skill: Summons a crowd of the undead.

Jungle Zombies

Zombies of the jungle

This zombie looks much like a normal zombie, but poisons you with a dangerous poison.

  • Health: 20
  • Attack Power: 3

Poison Vine

Poison Vine

Plant that shoots dangerous poisonous needles.

  • Health: 80
  • Attack: 7

Fast Growing Vine

Fast Growing Vine

Will interfere with your path and block your path. As you approach it, you will take permanent damage.

  • Health: 50

Frozen zombie

Frozen zombie

A living dead man who was once frozen to death. Can throw snowballs.

  • Health: 26
  • Attack: 6

New weapon from Minecraft Dungeons Replicas

At the moment there are 10 new weapons available, among which you can find axes, swords and mace.

New weapons from the Minecraft Dungeons Replicas mod

If you want to add more weapons from the original version of Minecraft Dungeons, we advise to additionally install the mod Minecraft Dungeons Weapons, or go to the category with weapons mods for MCPE and find the appropriate addition.

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Bosses, Global, Mobs, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Minecraft-Dungeons-RP.mcpack 4.57MB
Minecraft-Dungeons-BP.mcpack 219.08KB

Download Minecraft Dungeons Replicas Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+

Minecraft-Dungeons-RP.mcpack Minecraft-Dungeons-BP.mcpack

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