Improved Zombies Add-on

Standard zombies seem too simple and boring? Diversify the game world by filling it with new walking dead with Improved Zombies Add-on!

This zombie mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition will add many new and improved versions of the rising from the dead creatures that will roam the expanse in search of prey.

Military zombie

Military Zombie from the Improved Zombies mod in Minecraft PE

It’s best to stay away from this type of zombie, as it can deliver a lethal blow, as its body still remembers its military training courses.

  • Health: 27 HP
  • Damage: 4 HP

Resurrected civilian

Resurrected civilian from the Improved Zombies mod on Minecraft PE

The civilians that came back from the dead are still afraid of sunlight, but they won’t be afraid to attack you by firing an arrow! Be extremely careful, it will only take them 3 hits to kill you.

  • Health: 40 HP
  • Damage: 7

Dark Drowned

Dark Drowned from the Improved Zombies mod on Minecraft PE

This new kind of zombie from the Improved Zombies mod will take over every body of water, making it a nightmare for anyone venturing into the water! His attacks will also slow you down, and being so fast in the water, you’ll most likely never make it to shore before he catches up with you.

  • Health: 20 HP
  • Damage: 7

Zombie Girl

Zombie Girl from Improved Zombies mod in Minecraft PE

Don’t let her fool you with her looks and touch you, or you will be sorely regretted! Zombie Girl applies lethal effects to her victims and then watches them die slowly and painfully.

  • Health: 32 HP
  • Damage: 10 HP

Zombie Herobrin

Zombie Herobrin from the Improved Zombies mod in Minecraft PE

This is one of the most dangerous and powerful undead in the Improved Zombies mod. His ultimate power is his ability to teleport to his victim when he is least expected!

  • Health: 50 HP
  • Damage: 7

Piece of life

Particle Life and Crafting Recipes from Improved Zombies in Minecraft PE

Life Particle is a new item that you can create in the game to clean the flesh of zombies and make it edible.

Create infested zombie flesh on the bone, add a life particle to it, then bake the flesh in the oven. A tasty and healthy dinner, satisfying 8 hunger units and giving the power effect, is ready

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.200 1.16.101
Genre Mobs, Mods, Zombie
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Improved-Zombies.mcaddon 64.21KB

Download Improved Zombies Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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