The Crafting Dead Add-on

The Crafting Dead is a great zombie apocalypse mod in Minecraft PE with new infected, bandits, weapons and modified world generator!

With this mod you will be able to dive headfirst into the world of zombie apocalypse and try to survive in these challenging conditions. Avoid zombies and bandits or fight them, search destroyed buildings in search of useful loot and create new firearms for your defense.


As you travel through the game’s world infested with an unknown virus, you’ll encounter a huge number of new zombies that will hunt down all living creatures. The Crafting Dead mod adds over 10 different zombie skins, which have only gotten stronger and more dangerous.


Bandits are the remnants of human survivors who have abandoned all moral principles and are now trying to survive at all costs. Bandits are dangerous opponents, because they are armed with new weapons, among which there are bats, fire axes, wrenches, guns, rifles and assault rifles.


In the updated version of Minecraft The Crafting Dead mod were added the animals that will be inhabiting the destroyed world. For example, crows, doe and deer will appear in the game. You will be able to hunt them to get sustenance for your character.

Lan25Raw meat, skin
Deer25Raw meat, skin


Fighting off crowds of infected zombies is much easier when you have a reliable firearm at hand. The Crafting Dead mod adds a pistol, rifle, shotgun and assault rifle to Minecraft PE, as well as a large number of new melee weapons.

Glock 196-7,515 rounds
MP56-930 rounds
M101410-12,58 rounds
Shotgun12,5-202 rounds
Baseball bat3,575 pieces
Fire axe8150 units
Divorce wrench2,575 units
Golf club3100 units
Hockey stick1,550 units
Knife6200 units
Sledgehammer11250 units
Pipe225 units
Machete6175 units

Clothing & Accessories

It’s hard to imagine surviving in the world of the zombie apocalypse without appropriate clothing. By downloading The Crafting Dead mod you will be able to use new items and clothing sets for your character. For example, a night vision device, helmet or a set of military armor.

Title ProtectDurability
Military helmet3350 units
Armoured vest9550 units
Military pants7225 units
Boots4225 units
Night Vision Goggles3350 units


Canned food isn’t the tastiest meal, but it’s the only thing you can still eat during the zombie apocalypse in MCPE.

TitleHunger Alleviation
Canned Tuna3,5
Canned Fish3,5
Canned beans4
Canned meat4,5
Raw Roast Meat1,5/4,5
Energy DrinkThirst Quencher


Medicines from The Crafting Dead mod for Minecraft

Surviving in a world full of zombies and bandits is a must for medical supplies. Minecraft mod The Crafting Dead has first aid kits, bandages, splints for fractures, and even antidotes.

All medicine can be found while exploring the ruined world, if you look into different buildings, that will be periodically met on your way. You can also get medicine from the bandits you kill.

BandagesInstant Healing
PainkillerInstant Healing
AntidoteRemoves Infection
TireFixes broken limbs

Structures and constructions

During your adventures, you may come across various ruined structures – remnants of a former civilization – where you can procure provisions, ammo or even weapons. It’s also a good place to wait out the night, but it’s a safe place to spend the night.

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.201
Genre Apocalypse, Global, Mods, Zombie
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
The-Crafting-Dead.mcaddon 2.20MB

Download The Crafting Dead Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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