SpaghettiJet’s ApocalypseZ Add-on

SpaghettiJet’s ApocalypseZ is a global Minecraft zombie apocalypse mod with weapons, military vehicles, new mobs and useful survival items!

Immediately after installing the mod, the world of Minecraft PE will turn into a real zombie apocalypse with a huge variety of the living dead and the military, who will try to save the world from infection.

You will have to survive in a dangerous world, fighting off zombies and bandits, search for supplies, weapons and equipment in buildings and air-dropped parcels, build and defend your base, and much more. We can safely say that this is one of the best zombie apocalypse mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

New Zombies

New zombies

SpaghettiJet’s ApocalypseZ adds a large number of infected to the game – walking dead, runners, zombie soldiers, police officers and others. Absolutely all the zombies from the mod are not afraid of the daylight, they will attack the player and peaceful NPCs, and in case of causing damage, you will get the poison effect.

In addition to normal zombies, you will encounter particularly strong opponents – Rebel and Boomer. The first has a large stock of armor and health, the second can explode and instantly infect all survivors caught in the blast radius.


If you think the virus has infected all living things, you’re wrong. No zombie apocalypse is without survivors, bandits and military!


During your adventures you will be able to meet police officers, military and lab personnel in protective suits. All of them will be trying to save the survivors and destroy the infected. But be careful, in case they are killed, they will turn into similar version of zombie, keeping their weapons with them.

New NPCs


Civilians are represented as normal male and female humans, as well as scientists. They cannot attack zombies, but are very good at running, and will become the living dead if infected.


Marauders, as they are supposed to, think only of themselves. They will not hesitate to attack both zombies and military or survivors.


Surviving in a world full of zombies requires reliable and powerful weapons. In SpaghettiJet’s ApocalypseZ you will be able to find a suitable weapon to fight off even the largest horde of infected.



  • TheM14 is a semi-automatic rifle used by the US Army during the Vietnam War. Replaces the Bow.
  • M4A1 – American automatic assault rifle that replaced the M16. Replaces the Snowball.
  • AK47 – World-famous domestically made assault rifle. Deals more damage than the M16, but has a lower rate of fire. Replaces the egg.
  • FAL – semi-automatic rifle that does more damage but has low rate of fire.
  • Steyr AUG – a fully automatic rifle made in Austria.


  • .44 Magnum – high-damage revolver.
  • Glock 17 – legendary pistol capable of rapid fire in semi-automatic mode.
  • M1911 – an iconic American pistol that fires .45 caliber ammunition.
  • Beretta M9 – A reliable semi-automatic pistol.
  • Desert Eagle – one of the most powerful pistols, but with a small magazine and very high recoil.
  • Glock 18 – pistols with a very high rate of fire and the same amount of damage as the Glock 17.

Shotguns and shotguns

  • Remington 700 – A modern hunting rifle that does a lot of damage.
  • Remington 870 is a modern pump-action shotgun.
  • M1014 is a modern semi-automatic shotgun.


  • M1 Garand – American World War II semi-automatic rifle.
  • Barrett M82A1 – A sniper rifle that has greater range and damage, but with a low rate of fire.
  • AR15 – American rifle used by military and civilians to this day.
  • MK11 – A sniper rifle with excellent striking power and long range.

Submachine guns

  • The MP5K is a rugged German submachine gun.
  • P90 is a cult SMG, used by counter-terrorist organizations in many countries. It has high rate of fire, low recoil and large magazine capacity.
  • UZI is an Israeli-made SMG with very high rate of fire, perfect for short-range engagements.

Machine guns and more

  • M249 is an American made handheld machine gun. Currently has infinite ammunition.
  • M2 Browning – A mounted machine gun, well suited for base defense.
  • Signal Missile – Helps other survivors know your location and come to your aid. Also attracts Bandits.
  • Silencer – can be used with some weapons to fire silently so as not to attract other infected to the sound of gunfire.

Transport and machinery

SpaghettiJet’s ApocalypseZ mod for Minecraft PE adds a huge amount of military and civilian vehicles to the game, among which you will find:

  • 3 types of military aircraft
  • 2 military helicopters
  • civilian aircraft
  • Military jeep
  • Tanks
  • Equipment and base mounted implements

In addition, from time to time a plane will fly over the sky dropping various supplies including weapons, medicines, food and ammo onto the ground

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Airplanes, Global, Helicopter, Mods, Vehicle, Zombie
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
ApocalypseZ [behavior] 730.61KB
ApocalypseZ [resource] 33.00MB

Download SpaghettiJet’s ApocalypseZ Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+

ApocalypseZ [behavior] ApocalypseZ [resource]

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