Add-on: Astral Lucky Blocks

The Astral Lucky Blocks Add-on adds Astral Lucky Blocks to Minecraft PE, by unlocking them you can get new weapons, items, characters and even buildings!

This Lucky Blocks mod offers over 300 different events that can happen after destroying a block.


The appearance of a random construction after opening a Lucky Block is a new and quite interesting solution. After all, now a huge spaceship with aliens and a new boss can appear next to you, or, for example, a mushroom house, a mini portal, a magic fountain and other objects.


By destroying an Astral Lucky Block you can get a new battle buddy or a most dangerous enemy. For example, the Astral Hero will protect you from hostile mobs, the Universe Defender will help you deal with even the toughest opponent, and the Astral Mage, Skeletron and other new enemies will try to kill you!


Items from the Astral Lucky Block

Unlocking the Astral Lucky Block also gives you new weapons and items. You can get Astral or Crystal Sword, axes, star cookies and many other useful items.

Recipe for Kraft

Updated at 29.04.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Lucky Block, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
AstralLuckyBlocksV1.1.mcaddon 191.39KB

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