Cave Update! Add-on

Explore new underground biomes, find new resources, fight new underground creatures and all in the Cave Update add-on for Minecraft PE!

The improved caves mod completely redesigns the dungeon generation, improves the sound environment, and adds a large number of new mobs and a dangerous underground boss to the game.

Features of dungeon generation

Even if you install the Cave Update mod and continue the game on a map where you already have any buildings or mines, they will not be affected. New dungeons will only open in mines you have not explored!

New Dungeons

The Spider’s Nest is a very dangerous, cobweb-covered terrain. But if you dare to explore it, you will be generously rewarded with loot from spider eggs.

Ruined Portals – The portals to the netherworld, built by no one, that were damaged by time. Of course you can rebuild them with obsidian blocks.

Vases with items from the Cave Update mod for Minecraft PE

Vases – new items that can be found in the dungeons. By destroying vases you can find the keys to the chests containing large amounts of gems and useful items.

Chests from the Cave Update mod for Minecraft PE

Metal and gold chests – very rare in the dungeons, but contain a lot of useful things. Metal and gold keys are found in vases, which can be opened by trunks.

New weapon

Bone clubs – they are extremely strong, and therefore impossible to break. Each blow not only causes huge damage, but also throws the enemy at a distance. You can find the baton in the chest.

Spider’s Nest is a reward that can only be obtained by defeating the main dungeon boss, the giant spiderwoman. Spider’s Nest will summon green-eyed spiders to your side, destroying all enemies on your path. An indispensable item in dungeon raids!

New underground biomes

By installing the enhanced dungeons mod for Minecraft PE, your caves will be even more unique thanks to the new underground biomes:

Underground Deserts from the Cave Update mod for Minecraft PE

Underground Deserts – represent mines rich in useful ores.

Underground Jungle from Cave Update mod for Minecraft PE

Underground Jungle – mines with lots of vegetation and mossy rock. They are very dangerous because they are inhabited by a large number of dangerous monsters.

Ice Mines from the Cave Update mod for Minecraft PE

Ice Mines – Covered with snow and ice, hiding a large number of resources underneath.

New Mobs

Rural Miners

Trapped in the dungeons, the miners need your help! Feed them, so they have enough energy to follow you, take them to the nearest village and you’ll be richly rewarded. Once they’re back home, you can purchase useful items from the Miners that will come in handy in the dungeons.


Firefly from Cave Update mod for Minecraft PE

Small, friendly creatures that give off light. You can lure them using brown mushrooms. If you kill the firefly, you can get glowing goo, which gives you night vision. You can also craft 4 units of glowing goo into Miner’s Lantern

Gathering Beetles

These small arthropods are found all over the earth and gather ore. When they see the player, they will try to run away from you. If you can catch and destroy a Gatherer Beetle, you’ll get coal, iron, gold, or even diamonds!


Every time you open a cave treasure chest, you risk being attacked by a mimic. They do a lot of damage, so sometimes it’s wise to just run away from the mimic.

Zombie Miners

Rural Miners who were never able to find their way out of the dungeon and return home. Armed with a pickaxe and attack the character as soon as he is in their line of sight.

New Spiders

A large number of new underground spiders that will interfere with your exploration of the mines and the search for useful resources.

Womb Spiders

Womb spiders from the Cave Update mod for Minecraft PE

The main boss of the dungeons is the giant queen spider. It is a summonable boss that can be activated using 4 spider hearts and 5 threads. It has 275 life units and 2 attack modes, depending on the distance to the enemy, so we recommend being thoroughly prepared to meet it! For defeating the boss you will get the Spider’s Nest.

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Dungeons and Caves, Mods, World Generation
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Cave Update V3.mcaddon 2.71MB

Download Cave Update! Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+

Cave Update V3.mcaddon

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