BirdsPlus Add-on

BirdsPlus – Large bird mod for Minecraft PE, adding 10 new animals to the game at once and improving the behavior of existing birds in the game.

Now your world will be transformed and full of new inhabitants, most of which you will be able to tame, and some birds can even be put on your shoulder!

Before we go on to the new birds, that are added to Minecraft Pocket Edition with Birds+ add-on, we need to tell you that now you can tame parrots with cookies, and chickens with sweet berries. When they see their favorite treat, they will start following you.

New birds and their features


Kiwi from the BirdsPlus bird mod on Minecraft PE

These funny birds are cute only at first glance, because they can steal your items! And if you fail to catch them, you may have to chase them for a long time to get back what you stole.

Use grains, cookies, or sweet berries to tame them.


Eagle from the BirdsPlus bird mod on Minecraft PE

These large birds of prey are aggressive towards other mobs as well as the player. They have 15 health units and can attack you suddenly, dropping sharply from a great height. Eagles are especially dangerous if they attack you in a flock.


Moa from the BirdsPlus bird mod on Minecraft PE

Moa’s are an extinct bird species that once lived in New Zealand and reached gigantic sizes. However, they never had wings.

Moa birds in Minecraft PE are considered predatory, but you can tame them if you do it fast enough. And if successful, you’ll be able to apply a saddle to them and use them as a riding animal.


Ducks from the BirdsPlus bird mod on Minecraft PE

New kind of pets and birds at the same time. Now you can create real farm, where you will breed ducks and collect feathers and other useful resources from them.

Ducks eat bread, cookies and seeds. Also they like swimming, so be sure to make big enough reservoir for them.


Penguin from the BirdsPlus bird mod on Minecraft PE

Penguins are the other birds that can’t fly. In the game they will live in cold biomes, usually in flocks and have a lot of fun moving around.

For domestication use all kinds of fish, including cooked or biscuit.


Ostrich from the BirdsPlus bird mod on Minecraft PE

You can meet ostriches in MCPE in hot biomes, such as deserts. And if you want to tame them, offer them cocoa beans or cookies.


Dodo from the BirdsPlus bird mod on Minecraft PE

Incredibly beautiful birds, which will settle throughout the world game immediately after installing the mod Birds+. They eat grains and, of course, cookies.


Owl from the BirdsPlus bird mod on Minecraft PE

Owls are considered the wisest birds. They will hunt rabbits and bats in the game, and you can only tame them with raw hare meat.

A domesticated owl will love its master and will often be on its shoulder.

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Animals, Birds, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
BirdsPlus.mcaddon 1.24MB

Download BirdsPlus Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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