Super Ores Add-on

Tired of spending a lot of time in the mines in search of resources? With the Super Ores Addon, there will be blocks in the game, mining which will give more ore!

With Super Ores mod you can not only increase your chances of finding useful resources underground, but also add new ore blocks to the game, when you destroy which will fall from 2 to 5 items.

Block saturated with charcoal

Block saturated with coal
  • Depth of Search: 0 to 92
  • Drop: 5 items of charcoal

Block saturated with metal

Block saturated with metal
  • Depth ofsearch: 0 to 54
  • Drop: 3 metal blocks

Block saturated with diamonds

Block saturated with diamonds
  • Depth of search: 0 to 11
  • Drop: 3 jewels

Block saturated gold

Block of saturated gold
  • Depth of search: 0 to 30
  • Drop: 3 gold block

Block saturated with lapis lazuli

Block saturated with lapis lazuli
  • Depth of search: 0 to 19
  • Drop: 3 blocks of lapis lazuli

Block full of emeralds

The block is full of emeralds
  • Depth of search: 0 to 24
  • Drop: 3 emeralds

Block saturated with red dust

The block is saturated with red dust
  • Depth of search: 0 to 18
  • Drop: 5 Rarestone Units

Block of saturated quartz

Block of saturated quartz
  • Place of Origin: Underworld
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Mods, Ore
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Super-Ores.mcaddon 53.45KB

Download Super Ores Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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