Rhex Mutant Creture Add-on

Mutant Creature Addon adds 5 new very scary monsters to the game at once, which look like mutated versions of the standard monsters.

Here you will be able to meet horrible versions of the snow golem, skeleton, creeper, zombie and enderman. Each of the new monsters have their own unique characteristics, and of course, will be aggressive towards the player. So as soon as you see any of the new creatures, pull out your sword or download weapon mods on Minecraft PE beforehand.

Terrible snow golem

The dreaded snow golem

This new monster has 80 units of health and 8 units of damage when attacking. The snow golem is probably one of the easiest monsters in the Mutant Creature mod. It can also be tamed with a snowball.

Terrible skeleton

Terrible skeleton

The new skeleton can attack the player both up close, dealing 14 units of damage, and at a distance, attacking at 4.8 units. It also has 2 types of super attacks – a rib strike and a rain of arrows. Be warned, the dreaded skeleton has 150 health.


The dreaded creeper

This monster has 120 health and 12 damage, and can also summon other creepers and has regeneration ability.

Terrible zombie

A horrible zombie

The giant and very scary zombie has a large life reserve (150 units), and can also be reborn up to 3 times after its death!

In addition, it can leap a great distance if you decide to run away from it, as well as hit you with its arm, dealing 16 to 26 units of damage.

Terrible enderman

The dreaded enderman

This is the strongest monster in the Mutant Creature mod, with a 200 HP buff and its attacks dealing 13 to 23 damage.

Terrible Enderman’s unique abilities include teleportation with attack, the ability to throw blocks at you, create clones, and shout across the square!

New monsters from update 2.0

In the updated version of the Mutant Creature Mod, new horrible monsters have been added, among which you will find a spider with the head of a pig, a huge pumped up Steve and other mutants!

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Mobs, Mods, Mutants
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
rhex-mutant.mcaddon 7.61MB

Download Rhex Mutant Creture Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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