Halloween 2020 Add-on

There’s not much time left to celebrate Halloween, so why not celebrate the day of all the dead in Minecraft Pocket Edition by installing the Halloween 2020 Add-on?

With this mod, you’ll add the atmosphere of the legendary day of all the dead to the game, thanks to new mobs, items and gameplay changes!

Halloween Mobs

Pumpkin Skeleton

Pumpkin Skeleton from the Halloween mod in Minecraft PE

This dead warrior, armed with a sword, wears a pumpkin on his head, which protects him from the sunlight. Thanks to this, the pumpkin skeleton does not burn from the sun, and its attacks are able to impose a weakness effect on you.

Pumpkin gust

Pumpkin Gast from the Halloween mod on Minecraft PE

A new mob that will appear in the normal game world. When you approach the pumpkin gast, it will start attacking you with its projectiles. Unlike the normal gast, it does less damage, but has more health.

Giant spider

Huge Spider from the Halloween mod on Minecraft PE

This terrifying giant spider usually inhabits mountainous biomes. It has a very strong shell, making it not easy to kill, while at the same time, the giant spider does a lot of damage to its enemies.

The magic wand from the spider's heart

After killing a giant spider, with a small chance, a Spider Heart can fall out of it. You can eat it and get a powerful buff for 30 seconds, or use it to craft a new weapon that shoots a slow motion web.

Candy Parrot

Candy Parrot from the Halloween mod in Minecraft PE

Currently, the Candy Parrot from the Halloween mod in Minecraft PE can be found in any biome, and as you can understand from its name, you can get candy after killing it.

For unknown reasons, the candy parrot can’t fly and takes water damage. It’s quite possible that its wings are sticky from the sweet candy.

You can eat the candy extracted from the parrot, but it is much wiser to collect 5 pieces at once, craft a candy bag and place them there. That way, you’ll be able to restore a lot more health than eating one candy at a time.

Zombie Chicken

Zombie Chicken from the Halloween mod in Minecraft PE

This undead chicken has no brains, that’s why she will attack anyone she sees, and her poisonous bites will kill you. And its poisonous bites are so dangerous, they can not only poison you, but even kill you. The only salvation is to wait for the morning, because the author of Halloween 2020 mod on MCPE has decided that it is better to burn such hens from the sunlight.

Decapitated resident

Headless Inhabitant from the Halloween mod on Minecraft PE

This is probably the scariest new mob from the Halloween mod in Minecraft PE! Just look at how horrible he looks!

You can meet the decapitated inhabitant in the lower world. As a rule, he will just stand in place, since he doesn’t understand where to move. And, of course, he won’t make a sound.

Halloween items

In addition to new mobs, Halloween 2020 mod for Minecraft PE will also add various items to the game. For example, you will be able to create pumpkin sword, that will increase your health or pumpkin crossbow, shooting with explosive projectiles.

New shield from the Halloween mod on Minecraft PE

Also you will be able to find the blood jar, and if you are holding the shield, you will notice, that its texture was changed for the new one.

New trees from the Halloween mod in Minecraft PE

And the more you travel through the Halloween world of the game, the more you will notice new infected trees, from which you can craft a nice sword!

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Mobs, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Halloween.mcaddon 179.58KB

Download Halloween 2020 Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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