Billey’s Mobs Add-on

Billey’s Mobs is a Minecraft Add-on for new mobs with a simple name, adding 18 new creatures to the game, which can be found in any biome.

New mobs will inhabit both water and land. You will be able to meet new sea creatures, such as duckfish or swordfish, catch them and place them in your aquarium.

And among numerous new land-dwelling creatures, there are some that will help you during the game if you tame them. For example, penguins will be able to catch fish for you, and skeleton cats will bring you items from the underworld.

List of new mobs

The Auditor

The Oodlesman

You’ll find anglerfish, also known as “sea devil”, in the deep ponds. Due to the fact that they have the ability to illuminate the space around them, they are very easy to spot, even in the dark. They have 7 different appearances, including a rare gold color.

  • ID: billey:anglerfish
  • Health: 7
  • Damage: 5damage + poisoning for 30 seconds



Another new creature that lives in the oceans. This predatory fish can attack the player and other creatures but when dead, it leaves useful resources that can be used to craft a new sword.

  • ID: billey:swordfish
  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 6damage + 15 seconds of poison



Seals can be found in most water bodies and are neutral towards the player, but may attack certain creatures such as pizza fish and monsters

  • ID: billey:mercat
  • Health: 10
  • Damage: 2.5damage + 15 seconds stun



This is a very strong and dangerous new mob in Minecraft PE that lives in cold waters. Every 10 minutes the orca will hunt other creatures in search of food, after which it becomes full for 10 minutes, at which point you can mount it. You can do it with leash or saddle but keep in mind that you cannot control the orca and you will swim wherever it wants to go.

  • ID: billey:orca
  • Health: 60
  • Damage: 8.5

Zombie Cats

Back from the dead cats will spawn in the jungle at night as daylight burns them out. They are initially aggressive and will attack other cats and sometimes the player. But if you tame them using fish, they become very docile and friendly and will also bring you useful items.

  • ID: billey:zombie_cat
  • Health (wild): 4
  • Health (tame): 10
  • Damage: 2 units


Skeleton Cats

Present in a wide variety of appearances. Much like zombie cats, they behave in much the same way as zombie cats. Can be tamed with hellbug and can bring you useful items from the underworld after you have slept.

  • ID: billey:skeleton_cat
  • Health (wild): 4 units
  • Health (hand): 10 units
  • Damage: 2 units



The new mob can be found in plains and floral biomes. Just like real pigeons, these birds are afraid of the player and will constantly run away from you.

Also they can poop on various objects and buildings, so get ready for the fact that you’ll have to clean up periodically! They’ll be tamed by grains, bread, and carrots.

  • ID: billey:pigeon
  • Health: 3
  • Damage: 0

Pizza fish

Pizza fish

An unusual new mob with a very interesting feature. Basically, it’s just a giant piece of food floating in the water that other fish feed on, gradually eating it completely. You can also collect slices of pizza using tongs, or conversely, you can regenerate the pizza fish by adding the eaten parts to it.

  • ID: billey:pizzafish
  • Health: 5 units
  • Damage: 0

White shark

White shark

A new predatory mob in Minecraft Bedrock Edition that inhabits the oceans. Can have 3 stages – shy (attacks player with 25% chance), hostile and neutral. The white shark will always attack other fish as soon as they come into its sight.

  • ID: billey:gwshark
  • Health: 35
  • Damage: 7.5damage + poisoning for 15 seconds



Like previous versions of the new cats, these creatures can be tamed but will attack other cats in the wild and sometimes the player. Their main feature is the ability to teleport to a random location, which was inherited from Endermen. Once tamed, they can bring the player useful items from the upper world.

  • ID: billey:endercat
  • Health (wild): 8
  • Health (tame): 16
  • Damage: 2 units

Cucumber Monster

The cucumber monster

This unusual new to Minecraft PE mob can be found in coral reefs. It feeds on various sea plants and has 3 stages of growth. For example, in its first stage, the cucumber monster must necessarily be in the water, otherwise it will simply die. And in its final stage, it can live both on land and in water, and will produce edible cucumbers.

  • ID: billey:picklepet
  • Health (1st stage): 2
  • Damage (1st stage): 0.5
  • Trait (1st stage): Can only live on land for 15 seconds
  • Health (Stage 2): 4 points
  • Damage (Stage 2): 1.5 units
  • Utility (Stage2): Can live on land for up to 10 minutes and produces cucumbers
  • Health (Stage 3): 8 units
  • Damage (Stage 3): 3.5 units
  • Trait (3rd stage): Can live on land and produces a pickle every 5 to 10 minutes

Angel Cats

Angel Cats

Angel Cats are able to move across the surface as well as fly. They scare phantoms, spiders, and other hostile mobs. Angel endercats can additionally shoot magic orbs at any mobs that scare them. They are tame with the help of a fish.



Ducks are another kind of new monsters for Minecraft PE that will settle in your world. Just like in real life, they will move in small flocks, along with their cubs. They also make a cute little quack! They are tame with carrot seeds.

  • ID: billey:duck
  • Health: 3
  • Damage: 0

Angel pig

The angelic pig

Initially, this new monster will be friendly to the player, but if you hit it, it will change color to brown and its eyes will bleed and attack you! But you don’t have to hit the angel pig, you can tame it with golden carrots.

  • ID: billey:flyingpig
  • Health: 15 (20 if tamed)
  • Damage: 4



Penguins will inhabit snow and ice biomes. Occasionally they will start to paddle and roll around on their belly, gaining acceleration, and if they encounter an ice block, they will even be able to destroy it. The penguin can be tamed with a fish.

  • ID: billey:penguin
  • Health: 8.5
  • Damage: 2.5 units



As you travel through the game world in search of adventure and resources, you will encounter snails. These small creatures will gather in small groups and crawl lazily around on blocks and trees.

Don’t underestimate the snails, because they can even kill the zombies by taking advantage of their numbers. Also snails have various poison effects and can be tamed using leaves, apples and wheat.

  • ID: billey:snail
  • Health: 4 (8 if tamed)



These small and very dangerous fish attack only in packs, and usually live in lakes and marshes. Every 10-60 seconds, piranhas will attack other fish or mobs, and may even eat any items that are dropped.

  • ID: billey:piranha
  • Health: 2
  • Damage: 0-1.5 units + 1 second stun

New Craft Recipes

Many of the newer mobs in this mod will drop or return various resources to you. From some of the new items, you can craft new unique items. Below you can see a full list of new crafting recipes.

New Kraft Recipes
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.210 1.16.201 1.16.200 1.16.101 1.16.100
Genre Mobs, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Billeys-Mobs.mcaddon 1.82MB

Download Billey’s Mobs Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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