Raptors Project Add-on

The Raptors Project Add-on for Minecraft PE will add dinosaurs to the game! Some dinosaurs can be tamed by you and become your faithful partner, and some, will immediately start hunting you.

If you want to add dinosaurs to your Minecraft world, we recommend you to download Jurassic World map, that will repeat the landscape and the buildings of the island from the movie of the same name.

The peculiarity of this mod is that you can try to interbreed dinosaurs, in the hope to get more powerful creatures. Who knows, maybe you’ll manage to create the most dangerous predator!

All dinosaurs from Project Predator Add-on


Velociraptor in Minecraft PE

Velociraptors are small predatory dinosaurs that live in deserts and savannahs. They will attack a player if they are in a pack or have a cub near them.

  • Taming: Rabbit Stew
  • Breeding: Raw lamb
  • Drops: Feathers

Velociraptor Osmolsky

Osmolian Velociraptor in Minecraft PE

A variation of Velociraptor with a longer snout, it has a faster running speed. You can have it mate with a regular Velociraptor to produce a larger and stronger hybrid. They live in the savannah and can climb small walls.

  • Taming: Rabbit stew
  • Breeding: Raw lamb
  • Dropping: Feathers


Protoceratops in Minecraft PE

Protoceratops are peaceful dinosaurs that live in the desert. The males fight Velociraptors.

  • Taming: Beet Soup
  • Breeding: Golden Carrots
  • Dropping: Skin

Protoceratops Hellenikorhinus

Protoceratops Hellenikorhinus in Minecraft PE

A species of Protoceratops with powerful horns on their muzzle, they spawn in savannahs and their skin is tougher than normal members of their species.

  • Taming: Beet Soup
  • Breeding: Golden carrots
  • Dropping: Skin


Synornithosaurus in Minecraft PE

A species of venomous predators that can climb and glide over obstacles. They inhabit the taiga and are very dangerous, but have a fear of fire.

  • Taming: Spider Eye
  • Breeding: Raw lamb
  • Drop: Feather


Liaoningasaurus in Minecraft PE

Very cute looking aquatic ankylosaurs, you can find their nests in rivers. They eat fish thrown on the ground, and take every item that appears or is made of wood.

  • Taming: Fried fish
  • Breeding: Raw salmon
  • Drop: Scales


Faceup in Minecraft PE

This is a prehistoric fish that spawns in rivers and can be caught with a bucket. It is a favorite food of Liaoningasaurus.

  • Catch: Empty Bucket
  • Drops: Raw Faceslayer

Video overview of mod

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Animals, Dinosaurs, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
RaptorsProject(Bev).mcpack 70.15KB
RaptorsProject(Res).mcpack 2.53MB

Download Raptors Project Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+

RaptorsProject(Bev).mcpack RaptorsProject(Res).mcpack

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