Prehistoric Rift Add-on

Prehistoric Rift – A great dinosaur add-on for Minecraft PE that adds new creatures and various items to the game.

Unlike other dinosaur mods, here you will be able to tame and breed prehistoric creatures using special lures. In this case, predators will have to make bait with meat, and for herbivores you can use various plants.

The tamed dinosaur will become your faithful companion and reliable riding animal, if you apply a special saddle to it. You can also add new guns to the saddle and you will have a real war machine!

Dinosaurs and their features

Each dinosaur in the Prehistoric Rift Add-on is unique in its characteristics and habitat. Also all the creatures have several variants of appearance, so they look more diverse and realistic in the game.


Tyrannosaurs from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

You will meet predatory dinosaurs in mountain and plain biomes. As a rule, most of the time they are neutral to the player and to other creatures. But hungry Tyrannosaurs will attack anything they deem edible.

To tame a Tyrannosaurus in Minecraft PE, you will need to get an egg by killing a wild member of the genus, then raise your own dinosaur.


Stegosaurus from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

You can meet stegosaurus in plain biomes, where they will live in small groups. These herbivorous dinosaurs prefer baits using plants, berries and root crops.

Stegosaurus is a very strong representative of prehistoric time, capable of destroying many mobs and even the player in good armor in a couple of hits.


Dodo from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

Of course, it’s not a dinosaur, but quite a decent representative of a bygone era, however, very stupid. You can breed the dodo in a pen, using berry baits for nutritious meat.


Triceratops from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

Triceratops are pretty friendly dinosaurs that may even let you get close enough to touch and pet them. That said, they are very fast and can easily catch up with you if they feel threatened.

They can be tamed using baits of plants and berries, and can then go into combat mode on your command, during which they speed up their run and can even break down some blocks.

Using a staff to collect, you can get them to collect certain types of resources, seedlings and leaves.


Jutaraptors from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

Jutaraptors will generally move around the world of Minecraft Bedrock Edition in packs, hunting or hiding in forest biomes.

When a pack of Utaraptors spots a target, they can activate a pack buff, giving them extra speed and strength. To tame them, try to get as inconspicuous as possible to get as close as possible and use meat bait.

By the way, you can tame the whole flock, making the boost boosts work and getting a veritable army of dinosaurs! Also, by sitting on a Utaraptor you can jump very high and even climb walls and huge mountains.


Apatosaurus from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

Apatosaurus can be found in small groups in plain biomes. They are one of the strongest members of the herbivorous dinosaurs and can crush smaller creatures and even some blocks!

It’s impossible to tame a wild Apatosaurus, so you’ll have to breed your own dinosaur from an egg. But after you have tamed it, you will be able to use special saddle, that can be combined with powerful guns.


Parasaurolophs from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

You can meet these dinosaurs in the Minecraft PE world in savannahs and plains biomes. Initially, they are neutral to both the player and other creatures, but when attacked, the entire pack will come to the defense of their congeners.

Tame parasaurolophs have two pack abilities, which you can change by pressing the jump button:

  1. The first ability, allows them to scare away most mobs such as animals, monsters, and even jutaraptors.
  2. The second one makes most nearby mobs attack you, including even normal animals.

You can also use the harvest staff to make them harvest flowers and most importantly truffles from grass blocks.


Dimetrodons from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

Dimetrodons are neutral carnivorous dinosaurs that live in swamps and deserts that have unique abilities, depending on where they live:

  • In warm biomes, they can turn any liquid they touch into ice.
  • In cold biomes, dimetrodons gain complete invulnerability to fire and can set their enemies on fire when attacked.

Use meat baits to tame them, and afterwards, you can modify their ability yourself with new food.

Breeding dinosaurs

Dinosaurs from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition can lay eggs to continue their lineage. Eggs can also be obtained after killing a dinosaur.

Breeding Dinosaurs from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

Once you get an egg, you will need to place it in a suitable climatic zone, otherwise, the baby will simply not hatch. Below you can see a table of suitable temperature conditions for breeding creatures.

TypeRequired biome
DodoWarm, Neutral
ParasaurolophusCold, Neutral
  • Warm biomes – deserts, heathland, lower world.
  • Cold – all biomes with snow, except for very high mountains.
  • Neutral – all other biomes in MCPE.

Recipes for crafting baits and new items

As mentioned above, to tame dinosaurs from the Prehistoric Rift mod in MCPE you will need to create lures, depending on the creatures’ preferences. Below you will find all the new lure crafting recipes and new items that allow you to use them on top of the dinosaur.

Recipes for crafting lures and new items from the Prehistoric Rift mod in Minecraft PE

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Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.201 1.16.200 1.16.101 1.16.100
Genre Dinosaurs, Mobs, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
PrehistoricRift.mcaddon 2.47MB

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