Minecraft Dungeons Recreation Add-on

Just recently we shared with you a mod for new mobs from Minecraft Earth, and today we want to tell you about another mod that expands Minecraft Bedrock Edition by adding new blocks from the new game Minecraft Dungeons.

The mod is called Minecraft Dungeons Recreation and is currently in the early stages of development, but even now makes the game’s world more believable. We’ll keep an eye out for updates to the mod and tell you about the changes as we complete this review.

Minecraft Dungeons Recreation mod for Minecraft PE
Minecraft Dungeons Recreation mod for Minecraft PE

At the moment the mod expands the capabilities of 2 blocks – the dirt and grass block and the stone block. Both blocks have received several additional appearance options, with a gradual increase in the amount of vegetation.

How do I get new blocks in the game?

To get new blocks you can with command /give [Player] dungeons:[block], where instead of [block] you need to write one of the options:

  • dirt_stone_tile
  • stone_brick_tile
  • stone_brick_tile_dirt
  • stone_brick_tile_dirt2
  • stone_brick_tile_dirt3
  • chiseled_stone
  • chiseled_stone_dirt
  • soil
  • soil_grass1
  • soil_grass2
  • soil_grass3
  • hor_stone_pillar
  • hor_stone_pillar_moss
  • ver_stone_pillar
Minecraft Dungeons Recreation mod for Minecraft PE
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.210 1.16.201 1.16.200 1.16.101 1.16.100
Genre Blocks, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Dungeons Re-Creation.mcaddon 112.20KB

Download Minecraft Dungeons Recreation Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+

Dungeons Re-Creation.mcaddon

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