Zero Zone Add-on

Zero Zone is a global apocalypse mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition that will add radiation, acid rain, new mutants and protective suits to survive in a destroyed world.

Unlike other apocalypse mod WasteLanders, where you have to survive in the wasteland world, in this addon you will get into familiar, but greatly changed after nuclear war world.

Absolutely all the biomes, plants and trees have changed their color to dim colors, water has become dirty and toxic, and it is raining acid from the sky. Lava during the apocalypse in Minecraft PE has completely disappeared, and instead there will be dangerous acid, and when you approach it, your Geiger counter will make a characteristic sound reminding about the danger.

Zombies during the apocalypse have become even more dangerous, as they should be. Thanks to thick clouds and fog covering the world, sunlight is no longer a threat to them, so zombies will meet you more often. Mutations also affected other inhabitants of the planet, for example, wolves completely changed their color and now will attack the player for food.

Mutants in Apocalypse Zero Zone mod on Minecraft PE

To survive in the toxic world, apocalypse Zero Zone mod adds special suits to the game. You can wear chemical protection, raider clothing, stalker clothing, and other sets.

Protective Suits in Apocalypse Zero Zone mod in Minecraft PE

By visiting villages destroyed during the apocalypse and exploring destroyed buildings, you can find new useful loot – first aid kits, canned food and drinks. Use them in your food to avoid contamination and avoid being exposed to radioactive radiation.

New Food in Apocalypse Zero Zone mod in Minecraft PE

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Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Apocalypse, Mods, Survival
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
ZeroZone.mcaddon 545.67KB

Download Zero Zone Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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