Apocalypse Add-on

Survival Apocalypse Addon on Minecraft PE adds a huge number of new features to the game that make the game more challenging and realistic.

You can say that this is a hardcore survival mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition fans, with which you will have to monitor the temperature and thirst of the character, avoid the virus, radioactive rains, as well as various anomalies.

First insertion of Addon

Immediately after installing the Apocalypse Addon and creating a new game world, you will need to place a special construction that will activate all new survival features.

  • Enter command /function install
  • You will get a special block that needs to be placed anywhere in the world
  • Go to the block management and click Load
  • In the box below, enter
  • Once again press the Load button at the bottom of the screen

In the screenshots below you can see the process of enabling the mod control block:

Do not place light sources near the mod control center, otherwise you will break the time of day definition in the mod, which will cause errors while playing the game.

Survival Starter Kit

Once the apocalypse hits the Minecraft PE world, you’ll get a basic survival kit that includes clothes, food, and a number of additional items.


Thirst from the Apocalypse Addon hard survival mod

One of the new features of the Apocalypse Addon is the game character’s thirst. Now you will have to monitor not only your hunger index, but also your body’s water saturation.

Thirst in Minecraft PE will increase if you will be in the desert or underworld. Also, if you will be infected with a virus, your body water will be used up much faster.

To replenish your water supply in MCPE, you will need to drink a flask of pure water or stand in any body of water.


Temperature is another metric that you will have to keep an eye on in the Apocalypse Addon.

Body temperature will increase near lamps, light sources, fire, campfires, as well as in hot biomes and the underworld. If you are infected with virus – your body temperature will also increase.

In cold biomes or near the snow and ice blocks, the body temperature will be decreased.

Acid rain

Acid rain from the Apocalypse Addon hard survival mod

In Minecraft PE apocalypse world now not only normal, but also radioactive acid rain. Caught in such rain, your game character can get both positive and negative effects, which can be seen on the right side of the screen.

You can protect yourself from the acid rain in your own shelter, cave or underworld.

New weather conditions

While travelling through the game’s world, you will be able to face the new weather conditions. For example, you can get into the blizzard or fog.

During the snowstorm the character will freeze much faster, and so you will need to find the shelter and make the fire.

Fog is not as dangerous as the blizzard, because it doesn’t affect the body temperature, but it will make orientation in space difficult.


Hunger from the Apocalypse Addon hard survival mod

Yes, the hunger is present in the usual version of the game, but with Apocalypse Survival Addon in MCPE you will have to constantly monitor the food supply.

For example, waking up in the morning, your game character will automatically be hungry and you will have to take care of breakfast beforehand.


The virus from the Apocalypse Addon hard survival mod

As you may have already understood, because of the unknown disaster, in the world of Minecraft Bedrock Edition appeared a dangerous virus, that made all the mobs more aggressive, strong and resistant.

Besides, the virus is in the air and you can get infected just by being near zombies.


Infected from the Apocalypse Addon hard survival mod

In Apocalypse Addon the zombies and civilians are now infected and they will hunt you and try to destroy you at any cost. Don’t forget that they have become much more dangerous, so don’t engage them without reliable weapons and decent equipment.

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Apocalypse, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Apocalypse [Behavior] 94.72KB
Apocalypse [Resource] 1.87MB

Download Apocalypse Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+

Apocalypse [Behavior] Apocalypse [Resource]

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