Wolves+ Add-on

Wolves+ – Perhaps the biggest dog mod for Minecraft, adding many new pets, animal items and opportunities to interact with them.

By installing this add-on, you will not only be able to tame man’s best friend, but also to take care of them, create kennels, armor and various food that changes the characteristics of animals. With 17 different species of real and fictional dogs and wolves, you will be sure to find a wolf to suit your needs, because Wolves+ mod allows you to choose your pet!

New species of dogs and wolves

Brown wolves

Brown wolves from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

This type of brown wolves you will be able to meet in the biomes of mountain forests. Sometimes, they will howl at night. At the same time, if one wolf starts howling at the moon, the closest congeners will join him.

Black wolves

Black wolves from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Typical inhabitants of mountain-taiga biomes.

White wolves

White Wolves from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

These cute wolves with snowy white hair will settle in snowy biomes. They are very similar to the standard wolves in Minecraft with modified fur color.


Husky from Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

If you decide to get your own husky in MCPE, head to the nearest snow biome. They come in a variety of colors, including the very rare albino.

Wild dog

Wild dog from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

In Wolves+ fashion, wild dogs are somewhat reminiscent of hyenas. This is most likely due to the fact that you can meet wild dogs in the savannah biome. They are slightly smaller than the average wolf, distinguished by their comfy coloration, as well as long drooping ears.

Frosty wolf

Frosty wolf from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Frost wolves, as you can understand, will live in any snowy biomes. They are extremely close to their congeners, the husky and white wolves, but have one difference. Fighting with skeletons, they received infestations, which led to the complete mutation of the species. This peculiarity endowed them with blue eyes and the ability to slow down the enemy for 5 seconds at each bite.

Sniffer Hound

Sniffer Hound from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

This breed of dog lives in the birch groves and is very good at finding anything, whether it’s a lost object or the road home. That’s why they got their name. So, keep in mind that you can tame the sniffer hound and always get home, even if you get lost while exploring the game world.


Hellhound from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

The Hound of the Underworld inhabits the hostile environment of the Lower World. That’s why they will try to avoid the player unless they have a tasty bone in their hands.

But their main feature is that they are able to interact with the purple and distorted biomes. When Hellhounds move through these areas, mushrooms begin to sprout on their bodies, endowing the creatures with various traits:

  • Red mushrooms – Giving an increase in strength and movement speed. A tame wolf with red mushrooms on its body will be more ferocious against enemies approaching you.
  • Gray Mushrooms – Can heal the wolf, preventing him from being killed if he takes heavy damage.

Ender’s Hounds

Ender's Dogs from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

As you can tell, they inhabit the upper world of the Edge. Like the Endermen, they can teleport a short distance and have the same purple eyes. But unlike their congeners, they love it when you look into them. Do not like the water, but do not get upset if they get wet. They eat spoiled fruit.

Feral wolves

Feral Wolves from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

These are very rare representatives of the taiga biome, capable to be born with a variety of colors. In the wild, they are very attached to their territory and try to protect it in every possible way. Therefore, it is best not to approach them without a bone in hand. Feral wolves are larger, faster and stronger than their ancestors.

If tamed, they will protect their master by always being close to him and attacking any monsters. They can chase their targets from a great distance and travel far ahead of their owners, which can lead to them getting lost. So keep an eye on them.

Saint Bernard

St Bernard from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

In the Minecraft world, Saint Bernards will appear in winter biomes, and they will always have a canister of warming fluid around their necks, capable of healing nearby players and creatures. Tame Saint Bernards can revive your other wolves and dogs on their own, which will be very useful in combat if you tame more than 1 pet. They do not fight but they are not afraid of the enemy either, emitting a loud bark when they approach.

Prismarine Wolf

Prismarine Wolf from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

An amphibious wolf that lives in an underwater environment. They can also live on land, but become a bit slow. Perfect swimmers and the main enemies of drowning wolves.

Zombified wolf

A zombified wolf from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Infected with unknown virus wolves that gradually turned into zombies. They just wander around the game world, not attacking the player or other creatures. But you can heal them by applying special antidote (about it below), after that zombie wolf will return to normal state. After that you will be able to tame them and the creature will get +3 to friendliness and +5 to immunity from zombies.

Wandering Wolf

Wandering Wolf from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Where did it come from? Where is he going? Where did he get all those items? We may never know the answers. But wandering wolves appear in a special cloak that resembles everyone’s favorite wandering merchant.

Wandering Wolves travel all over the Minecraft world and will gladly trade a bone for wolf-related items! If you interact with them by holding the bone, you can also tame them. Only one wandering wolf can be in your pack.

Wolves of the elements

Elemental Wolves from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Elemental wolves can belong to one of the seven elements. To produce them, you must feed the wolf a Dragon’s Delicacy, after which, depending on where you feed it, it will take the form of the elemental. You can return the regular form with a Golden Tidbit.

Be sure to try creating them all to see which wolf elemental is right for you. Depending on the elemental, these creatures will deal different types of attacks. They can fly, but are still just learning, so make sure they don’t fly a great distance.

Skeleton Wolves

Skeleton Wolves from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

These skeletons came to Wolves+ mod directly from Minecraft Earth. They are hostile, and their howls can enhance nearby creatures. They are tamed with treats, or by transforming after using the Skeleton Lacomswa on a regular wolf. The tamed version has the ability to regenerate, and during combat, can howl, slowing down enemies.

Extra skins

All of the dog and wolf appearance options listed below do not appear in the game on their own. They can only be obtained manually by applying the appropriate name tag.

Painted wolves

Painted wolves from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Writing “paintedpup” on the tag will allow you to decorate your pet to match the colour of its collar.

Chocolate wolves

Chocolate Wolves from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Texting “chocosprinkle” will change the wolf’s color to chocolate or cupcake with multicolored inserts.

Robot dog

Robot dog from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Want a dog of the future that won’t get wet in water and can glow in the dark? Name your pet “e_robodog”!

Monochrome dog

Monochrome dog from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

A very cute pet coloring option that will appeal to all fans of dog mods and minimalism. To get it, enter “monochrome”.

Spectrum dog

Spectral dog from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Want to get a bright and eye-catching appearance of the pet, enter “spectrum” on the tag.

An old version of a Saint Bernard and a wild dog

Especially for fans of Wolves+ mod, the author has left 2 versions of skins, which have been replaced by improved versions. Want to get an old version of skins, use commands “og_rescue” and “og_savanna”.


Tasty treats and bones from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

The tasty treats and goodies used in Wolves+ to heal pets as well as change their characteristics and traits.

Treat enhancementIncreases the size of your pet by 2 times, allowing it to be used as a riding animal. Also increases its damage and health reserve.
Reduction TreatShrinks your pet, making it much faster and allowing it to pass through small openings, reducing its attack.
Rejuvenating FoodTurns your pet back into a puppy or cub.
Normalizing foodReturns your pet to its standard size
Teleporting yummy treatFeed this to your pet and it will begin to teleport! To stop the process, give the command “Sit!”
Gelatin FoodIncreases the jumping height of dogs and wolves, and removes all fall damage
Algae DeliciousWant your pet to swim underwater? Treat him to this kibble, then tell him to swim
Honey Algae BoneRemoves any negative effects on your pet, such as poisoning, stunting and more
Golden SeedUsed to heal zombie wolves and undo transformations. Can be used to revive injured pets.
Dragon BoneUsed to create elementals. Uses elemental power depending on the biome. Cold biomes are Ice, over Clouds are Electricity, and so on. Cancels with Gold Bone.
Skeleton TasteTurns an animal into a living skeleton
Farewell TidbitTamed too many pets? Want to pass on your pet to a friend? Use Farewell Treat to untie him or her.

Defeated but not broken!

First Aid Kit from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

During battle, your wolf or dog may take too much damage defending you from your enemies. In this case, they will lie on the ground and wait for help, not responding to commands. Use a first aid kit or a gold bone to revive your pet.

Booth from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

An alternative option to heal an injured pet is for it to automatically appear in the kennel. After a severe wound, the pet will need a couple of days rest, after which it will be back in action. Or you can use the first aid kit to speed up the process.

Armor and Accessories

Dog Armor from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

To add extra protection for your four-legged friends, you can craft special armor. Use any resources – gold, diamonds, metal or emeralds to craft a ready-made armor set. By the way, the diamond set can be enhanced with neserite. To remove armor or any accessory from a creature, use scissors.

Protective suit

Protective suit from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

This experimental type of armor was added to the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition just to make traveling with pets in the lower world safer. The protective suit protects against any kind of damage, but does not allow creatures wearing it to attack.


Blade from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Increases the attack power of a tamed mob. The better the sword is used in crafting, the higher the characteristics of the accessory.


Lantern from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Putting a flashlight on a dog or wolf will illuminate the area around it.


Clock from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

This accessory will endow animals with the ability to mark the world around them.


Jetpack from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

By creating and applying the jetpack, the pet will gain the ability to fly, attack enemies from the air, and follow its owner through the air. So be warned! If you order your pet with a Jetpack to stop following you, it will be very difficult to catch up. So, first, remove the jetpack with a pair of scissors.


Whistle from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

An item familiar to any trainer. Allows you to give commands from a distance. Apply the whistle to the animal, then command it to sit still, step back in the distance and blow the whistle! Your four-legged friend will immediately start running in your direction.


Clicker from Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

An accessory you can use to activate the special abilities of your tame companions. The Saint Bernard will begin to heal animals, the Sniffer Hound will search for a way home, and the Feral Hound will not attack other mobs.

The cradle

The cot from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

This is where your four-legged friend can rest and regain health. A tame pet resting on a dog bed will automatically leave the bed and will run after its owner if the owner is far away. In order not to disturb the resting pet, give him a command to wait in the dog bed.

Toy bone

Toy Bone from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Just make this toy and give it to your pet to see how happy he will be!

Throwing disc

Throwing disc from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

A toy that you can throw at a distance and your pet will look for it and bring it back. Or not bring it))

Toy bunny

Toy rabbit from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Create a toy rabbit and place it near wolves or dogs to start chasing this very agile and fast toy!

Pet Inventory

Pet Inventory from the Wolves+ mod for Minecraft

Using the chest, you can control the inventory of the tame animal. Simply seat the pet, sit it down and press the interaction button. Repeat the process to allow the creature to stand again.

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.220
Genre Animals, Mobs, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
WolvesPlus.mcaddon 1.21MB

Download Wolves+ Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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