Mo’creatures Add-on

Mo’creatures is the most famous and largest animal add-on for Minecraft, which is now available for the mobile version of the game as well.

Currently, the mod adds more than 22 new animals, both real-life and fictional, to the world of Minecraft PE.

Features and characteristics of new creatures


Ents from the Mo'creatures mod

Fictional creatures that represent the trees that have come to life will appear in all biomes where there is grass. Mo’creatures mod features 2 types of entoms – birch and oak. As cliché as it may be, the most dangerous weapon for the ents is the axe.

  • Health: 40 HP
  • Damage: 5


Goats from the Mo'creatures mod

In this animal mod, goats come in 6 different looks and are also divided into male and female individuals. Using a bucket, you will be able to milk the goat and get milk. Use sugar, carrots or apples to tame it.

  • Health: 8 HP
  • Damage: 2


The turkeys from the Mo'creatures mod

Turkey is a new neutral animal immune to fall damage that you will be able to breed for fresh meat. Use watermelon seeds to domesticate it.

  • Health: 6 HP
  • Damage: 0


Bears from Mo'creatures mod

Mo’creatures offers 4 types of bear, including grizzly bear, polar bear, brown bear, and panda bear. All bears can be tamed with raw meat, except the pandas, the latter are domesticated with bamboo.

You can put a saddle on the bear and use it as a riding animal. If you add a chest, you will be able to carry the most necessary things and items.

  • Health: 25-50 HP
  • Damage: 6

Mini golem

Mini-golems from the Mo'creatures mod

Mini golems are fictional creatures that have the ability to throw various blocks at their enemies, up to 16 blocks away. Although they look like robots on the outside, sunlight will deal damage to them.

  • Health: 15 HP
  • Damage: 2 HP


The deceased from the Mo'creatures mod

Deceased will appear in the netherworld and can attack the player character up to 12 blocks away.

  • Health: 10~15 HP
  • Damage: 3 damage


Skeletons from the Mo'creatures mod

A new aggressive monster that will attempt to destroy the player in various ways and can do so from a distance. Appears on the surface of the normal world and is terrified of sunlight.

  • Health: 25 HP
  • Damage: 2 damage


Boars from the Mo'creatures mod

Despite being a dangerous animal, in Minecraft PE the new mob will be neutral to other animals and the player. Upon death, it leaves raw meat.

  • Health: 10 HP
  • Damage: 2 units


Birds from the Mo'creatures mod

The animal mod in Minecraft PE Mo’creatures features 6 different types of birds at once. You can tame them using seeds, after which the birds will be able to sit on your head and periodically drop feathers.

  • Health: 8 HP
  • Damage: 0


Crocodiles from Mo'creatures mod

Dangerous reptiles that will henceforth inhabit swampy biomes. Whenever a player gets closer than 12 blocks, the crocodile will switch to attack.

  • Health: 25 HP
  • Damage: 3


Rabbits from the Mo'creatures mod

Rabbits are another type of new animal that you will be able to breed in the game using carrots. A tame rabbit can be placed on your head, after which you will occasionally receive golden carrots. There are 5 types of rabbits and bunnies available in Mo’creatures mod.

  • Health: 4 HP
  • Damage: 0


Varanas from the Mo'creatures mod

Varans are the new inhabitants of the MCPE world, which can be found in the swamps. Varan’s attacks are poisonous and will poison the player. From the destroyed animal you can get an egg, which will be used to tame other varans.

  • Health: 20 HP
  • Damage: 3


Raccoons from the Mo'creatures mod

A new neutral species that will appear in nearly all game biomes. Use apples or carrots to tame them.

  • Health: 8 HP
  • Damage: 1


Rats from the Mo'creatures mod

Another neutral mob, represented in mod by 4 different species. The drop is raw meat, which you can cook for experimentation purposes.

  • Health: 10 HP
  • Damage: 2 units

Hell Rat

Hell's rats from the Mo'creatures mod

An alternate species of rat that lives in the underworld and has a distinctive coloration.

  • Health: 20 HP
  • Damage: 2


Sharks from the Mo'creatures mod

If you think that there are no new animals for the underwater world in Mo’creatures mod, you are very mistaken, the shark is one of them. Sharks will appear in the oceans, after killing them you will get a special egg that you can use to tame other sharks.

  • Health: 25 HP
  • Damage: 5 HP


Elephants from Mo'creatures mod

There are 2 types of elephants in Minecraft PE animal mod – African and Asian. You can use them as a riding animal if you apply a saddle, and use a cake to tame them.

  • Health: 40-60 HP
  • Damage: 6


Mammoths from the Mo'creatures mod

Mammoths are a new kind of animal in Minecraft Bedrock Edition that you can find in cold biomes. Just like with elephants, the mammoth can be tamed with cake, add a saddle and even a chest for storing items.

  • Health: 40-60 HP
  • Damage: 6
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.210 1.16.201 1.16.200 1.16.101 1.16.100
Genre Animals, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
MoCreatures [Behavior] 917.54KB
MoCreatures [Resource] 3.02MB

Download Mo’creatures Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+

MoCreatures [Behavior] MoCreatures [Resource]

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