Turrets Addon

Turrets Addon – Minecraft mod for turrets, which adds to the game at once 5 kinds of turret installations with different characteristics.

Minecraft Turrets Addon

Now you can easily build a military base or protect your home from any enemies, because you will be guarded by automatic turrets! In Turrets Addon you will get machine gun, laser, flamethrower, as well as rocket launcher and turret that will attack your enemies with lightning bolts. With such a variety of turrets, you will be able to deal with even the most powerful enemy or horde of zombies!

Minecraft Turrets Addon

To get a turret in Minecraft you must create a special workbench. Recipe for its crafting is shown below. After that, you will be able to interact with it and buy automatic defenses for emeralds.

Minecraft Turrets Addon Crafting Recipes

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Updated at 14.09.2021
Game versions 1.17 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.230 1.16.221 1.16.220
Genre Military, Mods, Weapon
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Turrets Addon [Behavior] 25.06KB
Turrets Addon [Resource] 349.44KB

Download Turrets Addon for Minecraft 1.17 / 1.16+

Turrets Addon [Behavior] Turrets Addon [Resource]

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