Plus Bows Add-on

If you’re more into fighting your enemies from a distance without letting them near you, then the new Plus Bows Add-on for Minecraft PE should appeal to you!

The mod adds 20 new bows to the game with unique looks, different damage rates and other features. For example, you’ll now be able to craft a bow that will shoot explosive arrows. Or it will be possible to craft a bow that can instantly teleport to the spot where the arrow fell, which is especially useful during travel or fierce combat.

New Bows and Crafting Recipes

Diamond Bow

  • Damage: 12
Diamond bow

Golden bow

  • Damage: 8
Golden Onion

Metal bow

  • Damage: 8.5 units
Metal bow

Redstone bow

  • Damage: 6 damage
Redstone bow

Emerald Onion

  • Damage: 9 damage
Emerald onion

Lapis lazuli bow

  • Damage: 6.5 units
Lapis lazuli

Enderman’s bow

  • Benefit: Teleports to a location where a round is fired
Enderman's bow

Non-zero onion

  • Damage: 13 damage
Non-zero onions

Obsidian bow

  • Damage: 11 units
Obsidian bow

TNT Onion

  • Damage: 3 damage
  • Chance: The tip of the arrow explodes on impact
TNT The Onion

Magic Bow

  • Damage: 9 damage
  • Distinctive Capability: Causes the target to vomit
Magic bow

Air bow

  • Damage: 6 damage
  • Distinctive Capability: Causes the arrow to levitate upon impact
Air onion

Star bow

  • Damage: 10 damage
  • Distinctive Capability: Launches poisoned arrows
Star bow

Slowing bow

  • Damage: 7 damage
  • Distinctive Capability: Slows target on impact
Slow bow

Batman’s bow

  • Damage: 13 damage
  • Distinctive Capability: The tip of the arrow carries dynamite
Batman's bow

Rainbow bow

  • Damage: 4 damage
Rainbow bow

Mini bow

  • Damage: 1.5 units
Mini Onion

Regenerating bow

  • Damage: 14 points
  • Distinctive Capability: A hit from an arrow causes a healing effect
Regenerating bow

Legendary bow

  • Damage: 14 damage
  • Distinctive Capability: Arrows explode on impact
The legendary bow

Medieval bow

  • Damage: 3 damage
Medieval bow

Video overview
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Bow, Mods, Weapon
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Plus-Bows.mcaddon 166.47KB

Download Plus Bows Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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