Mod: Skills Addon

Skills Addon will add to Minecraft the ability to pump skills during certain activities – combat, farming and resource extraction.

This mod will give Minecraft a character progression system similar to most RPG games. Now, the more you practice a certain craft, the higher your skills will be, and you’ll get extra bonuses. For example, when you fight the enemies, you will develop your fighting skills, which will allow you to get the additional speed or health regeneration. The same system works for resource mining and farming.

Combat skills

Increases each time you attack an enemy with your sword

  • 1st level: Speed 2 for 10 seconds
  • level 2: Slows enemies for 5 seconds
  • level 3: Poisoning enemies for 5 seconds
  • level 4: Inflicts Fade On Enemies 4 for 5 Seconds
  • 5 Level 5: Regenerates health during combat
  • 6th Level: Regenerates 3 for 10 seconds


This skill is pumped while hoeing or harvesting

  • Level 1: +1 harvesting time
  • Level 2: +2 additional harvest
  • Level 3: +3-4 additional harvest

Resource Gathering

The skill improves each time you use the pickaxe to gather valuable resources

  • 1st level: +10 bonus to resource extraction speed
  • Level 2: +10 to resource extraction speed
  • Level 3: Increases the chance of getting an additional resource
  • Level 4: +10 to 3rd level resource extraction speed
  • Level 5: Increased chance of additional resource drop

Tree Felling

The skill improves during wood extraction by using an axe

  • 1 level: +1 wood for every block cut
  • level 2: +2 wood for every block cut
  • level 3: +3 wood for every block of wood harvested

Video demonstration

Updated at 05.11.2022
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.221 1.16.220
Genre Gameplay, Mods, RPG
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Skills Addon [McAddon] 55.61KB

Download Skills Addon for Minecraft 1.17 / 1.16+

Skills Addon [McAddon]

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