HelpfulFunctions Function Pack

If you have your own server or play MCPE with friends, with the Helpful Functions Pack Add-on you can add some fun to the game and simplify your life as an admin.

The mod adds various useful commands, thanks to which you can fix various problems in the game, banter with players and more.

For example, if some player spills a bucket of lava, you will just have to prescribe one command and clear the area without consequences, instead of closing everything with blocks manually.

Commands from Helpful Functions Function Pack will also add to the game possibility to teleport to any player, turn on the stealth mode, remove unnecessary objects from the map, and much more.

A list of all console admin commands with a detailed explanation:

  • /function smite: smite the player with lightning
  • /function heal: restores full health and hunger to the player
  • /function drain: Removes water and lava from the area around you
  • /function day: Switch the time of day to day
  • /function clearchat: clears chat
  • /function launch: Rocket the nearest player up 10,000 blocks into the sky
  • /function tpall: teleports all the players to you
  • /function tpr: teleports you to a random player
  • /function arrow: Fire an arrow straight out of the sky at the player
  • /function tnt: Drop a TNT out of the sky beside the player
  • /function burn: Place a block of lava next to you, which will disappear after 2 seconds
  • /function trashinventory: Fills your player inventory (except you) with algae
  • /function flatterainmaker: Makes a flat field of earth
  • /function flatterrainremover: Removes a level field from any blocks
  • /function anvil: An anvil will drop from the sky beside the player
  • /function fly: turns on flying mode
  • /function unfly: turns off flying mode
  • /function desert: Create a desert biome with cacti
  • /function godmode: gives the player strength, speed, high jump, and fire resistance
  • /function disablegod: Turns off the above effects
  • /function pvparena: Create a PvP arena
  • /function mutechat: allows you to mute all players
  • /function unmutechat: allows players to write in game chat again
  • /function gma: switches the game mode to Adventure
  • /function gms: Switch the game mode to Survival
  • /function gmc: Switch the game mode to Creative
  • /function vanish: makes the player invisible
  • /function unvanish: makes the player visible again
  • /function removegrass: Removes grass from your vicinity
  • /function freezeall: immobilizes all players (except you)

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Gameplay, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
HelpfulFunctions.mcpack 9.25KB

Download HelpfulFunctions Function Pack for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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