FPS+ Client Add-on

FPS+ Client is a full-fledged Minecraft add-on for FPS, which optimizes the game, reduces lags and allows you to comfortably play even on weak smartphones.

If you are tired of lags and lags Minecraft Pocket Edition, and play on the servers with friends is almost impossible, then this mod to optimize the FPS is designed for you!

FPS+ Client will help raise FPS in Minecraft PE with full game optimization, reduced code, improved textures, and flexible settings of additional features that you can adjust yourself to achieve the maximum performance of the game on your device. For example, you can disable grass and particles, but leave the standard water.

Features mod for MCPE optimization

Transparent water.

Transparent water

Removed underwater fog.

Remote underwater fog

Simplified game and main menu interface.

Simplified game and main menu interface

Disabled animated particles to increase FPS.

Disabling animated particles

Optimized fire and campfire smoke.

Optimized fire and campfire smoke

Disabled animated textures for higher FPS.

Disabling animated textures

Removed shadows and optimized night mode.

Removed shadows and optimized night mode

Reduced rain particles and removed clouds.

Reduced rain particles and distant clouds

Transparent blocks of glass.

Transparent glass blocks

Ability to enable textures at 4×4 pixel resolution.

Ability to completely turn off grass to increase game performance.

Possibility to turn off the grass completely

Flexible individual game settings.

Flexible individual game settings

Other changes positively affecting the FPS increase in Minecraft PE.

Despite all the changes made, Minecraft FPS+ Client allows you to install any textures you like without sacrificing performance. This means you can play MCPE not only without lag, but also with your favorite textures.

Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre FPS, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
FPS+ Client Modern.zip 3.20MB
FPS-Client.mcpack 1.17MB

Download FPS+ Client Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+

FPS+ Client Modern.zip FPS-Client.mcpack

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