Dash Boots Add-on

The Dash Boots Addon will allow you to create magical boots in Minecraft PE that have different effects and allow you to kick your enemies!

The mod currently features 4 pairs of new boots, each with unique capabilities. In addition, the effects of the boots will only work if the boots are fully charged. The charge is automatically accumulated during the running of the game character.

Regular shoes

Recipe for Crafting Regular Boots from the Dash Boots mod

Basic shoes, needed for crafting more advanced versions of boots. Allows you to kick the enemy at a distance of up to 20 blocks.

  • Charging Speed: Fast
  • Power: Medium

Frost boots

Frost Boots Crafting Recipe from the Dash Boots mod

Using frost shoes you can freeze enemies and surround them with ice blocks. With these shoes, you can easily defeat even the strongest bosses from the mods in Minecraft PE.

  • Charging Speed: Medium
  • Strength: Weak

Inferno Boots

Inferno Boots Crafting Recipe from the Dash Boots mod

The strongest shoe set from the Dash Boots mod, capable of destroying almost any enemy if you kick it. In addition, the inferno boots will give you complete immunity to fire and lava. The downside of these boots is their weight, which increases the damage you receive when you fall

  • Charge Speed: Medium
  • Strength: High

Ender’s boots

Recipe for Ender's Boot Crafting from the Dash Boots mod

These boots are able to protect your playable character from the use of potions by enemies, as well as from normal attacks. If an opponent attacks you, they will take damage similar to a fireball blast from Dragon Edge.

  • Charge Speed: Medium
  • Strength: High

How to use shoes from the mod?

  1. Create the necessary boots using the crafting recipes listed above.
  2. Remove the helmet from your in-game character!
  3. Grasp the finished boots in your hands and hold your finger down on your smartphone screen.
  4. The boots will automatically move to the shoe slot.
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Armor, Clothes, Items, Mods, RPG
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Dash-Boots.mcaddon 473.51KB

Download Dash Boots Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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