Dragon Morph Add-on

Dragon Morph Addon for MCPE will allow you to become the main boss of the game – Ender Dragon and fly over the Minecraft world!

We’re sure you’ve already defeated the Ender Dragon, and more than once! So why not take over his power and get a chance to turn into a dragon at any time?

How do I turn into a dragon in Minecraft PE?

  1. To get started, you’ll need a name tag and an armor rack.
  2. Rename the tag and enter the name ‘Dragon‘, and you’ll transform into a dragon.
  3. To return to your original appearance, use /function remove
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Genre Dragons, Mods, Morph
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
dragon_morph.mcaddon 115.75KB

Download Dragon Morph Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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