Baubles Add-on

This addon will add 10 rings, 7 amulets and 5 brooches to the game, allowing you to get various bonuses and enhancers.

To interact with any item from Baubles Addon, you need to pick it up and apply it to yourself, with a long press on your smartphone screen. Keep in mind that you can only use 1 item of each class, 1 ring, 1 amulet and so on.


You will need 3 gold bars, 4 blocks of gold and 1 diamond to craft the ring. The recipe for the crafting is shown below. Next, you need to combine the ring with the appropriate potion.

Baubles - Mods for rings, amulets and magic brooches


Amulets cannot be crafted, they can be obtained from mobs, after destroying them with a random chance of drop.

Amulet of EnchantmentEndermanTeleports items to you
Amulet of NatureEnderman, ZymogorasIncreases the speed of running on grass
Plant AmuletEndermen, ZymogorSlows down the mobs closest to you
Amulet of DarknessSkeletonCharms the mobs near you
Amulet of LoveSkeleton, ZombieKills all the already dead mobs near you
Amulet of FortitudeZombieGives saturation and resistance level 2 effects
Blood CharmZombieGives the effect of slowing and strength level 2


Power BroochGives various powerful effects and enhancers
Angel BroochAllows you to fly
Death BroochKills all creatures near you that have not yet died
Creature BroochCreates a random mob near you every 30 seconds
Power Potions BroochImposes a random effect on potions every 30 seconds

Video overview
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.100
Genre Items, Mods, Rings
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Baubles.mcaddon 71.04KB

Download Baubles Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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