Extra Clothes Plus Add-on

With Extra Clothes Plus Add-on you will be able to add different types of clothes and hats to Minecraft.

Unlike other clothing mods, in this addition you will find a variety of wardrobe items that are difficult to attribute to real clothes. But, it is their unusual appearance that attracts you.

For example, you will be able to put on shark costume, rabbit ears or different wings on your character. Also you will be able to create your own jetpack, but if you want to be able to fly on it, you need to use full-fledged mod on the Jetpack.

Extra Clothes Plus - Mod for different clothes

To craft clothes from Extra Clothes Plus Mod you will need to make a sewing machine and use it. All recipes for crafting new clothes and hats are presented below.

Extra Clothes Plus - Mod for different clothes
Updated at 13.09.2021
Game versions 1.16
Functionality tested on Minecraft 1.16.201
Genre Clothes, Mods
Platform Android, iOS, Windows
Extra-Clothes-Plus.mcaddon 82.86KB

Download Extra Clothes Plus Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.17 / 1.16+


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